Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

When it comes to measurement tools, Bosch is a leader in this field, along with concrete tools, power tool accessories and a variety of other products. But for today we are focusing on one of my favorite products from Bosch, the 360° laser which came out a while back. The Bosch 360° is unique because it has the ability to show a 360° line with no moving parts. So let’s jump into the Bosch 360 Green Laser Review.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review Overview

In the past, if you wanted to get a true 360° line you would have had to use a rotary laser. Rotary lasers are great but they do have a couple of downfalls. First, a rotary laser can be pricey. Sure the price has come down in recent years but a quality rotary laser still cost a pretty penny. Second, a rotary laser is usually larger in size. Not a huge deal for most applications, but sometimes a smaller work environment can make using them difficult. Third, they have moving parts which mean if you drop it, chances are you will break it or have to get it recalibrated.

The Bosch 360° breaks the mold as it not only provides a single 360° line, but 3 different 360° lines, 2 vertical lines, and a single horizontal line. Not only does the laser have these three lines, but it also has plumb lines; all without moving parts and for less than a rotary laser.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review Features

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

The Bosch Gll3-330CG is a 360 laser that uses a green line instead of a traditional red line.  The green line is easier to see in brighter light environments. The Bosch has an accuracy of up to ±3/32-in @ 30-ft and self-leveling up to 4°. The range is 200′ and 330′ with a detector. Don’t worry about job site conditions, this unit is IP54 rated.

Bosch uses their VisiMax technology. VisiMax monitors power consumption to maximize line visibility and extend battery life.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

You can power the laser line one of two ways. You can use the Bosch 12V battery or 4-AA batteries.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

The GLL3-330CG comes with the following item

  • Green-Beam Laser
  • BAT414 12V Max Battery
  • AA1 Alkaline Battery Adapter
  • BC330 12V Max Charger,
  • BM 1 Positioning Device
  • Laser Target Plate
  • Soft Pouch
  • Hard Carrying Case

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

To turn the unit on, there is a slide switch on the base of the laser which has three positions. On/Off, Lock and unlock. The lock will lock the pendulums in place and allow you to adjust the angle of the lines. The unlock means you can use the self-leveling feature.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

On the top of the unit, there is a pad for multiple functions and status updates. For status updates, you can see the battery information, the Cal and if you are using the unit in the lock position. If you see the Cal light up, you know there is a message you can check through the Bluetooth app.

There are also three push buttons, Bluetooth, receiver, and laser. You can connect this unit to your phone using Bluetooth. The Bluetooth feature is pretty cool as it will allow you to see any Cal messages (high heat or drops) and also change the line from vertical to horizontal. You can see battery levels and more by using the app.

If you want to use this laser for a longer distance, you can press the receiver mode and now you can have a range up to 330. The laser button is going to be your most used button as that allows you to cycle through the different line configurations.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

We all know accidents happen. So the one feature I love about this tool is the pendulums are protected by a metal housing.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

You can set this laser up on a flat surface or use a tripod as this has both mounting threads of 1/4-20, 5/8-11.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review Performance

Setting up the laser and setting the desired line is easy.  A single push of a button.  The lines are crisp and easy to see.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

I didn’t find it hard to see the lines if it was showing on a white or darker background either.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review

It’s hard to pick up on a camera, but seeing a line inside about 40′ away, the line is still visible and easy to see.

Who doesn’t like lasers in the dark?

One overlooked accessory is the mounting bracket. Normally manufacturers give you a mounting bracket or position plate, but usually, they aren’t the best. The Bosch is very nice, easy to use, easy to set up and very smooth.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review Value

You can pick up the Bosch Gll3-330CG for about $450 on Amazon.  Looking around you can find some cheaper rotary and even some no name 360° line lasers for less. For me, when it comes to accuracy and dependability, this is something you shouldn’t take shortcuts on.

I want a name I know and a product I trust which is why I don’t feel $450 is a bad price for this type of laser and everything it offers. If you do want something a little cheaper, you can always go with their red line 360° which is $100 cheaper on Amazon which we reviewed recently as well.

Bosch 360 Green Laser Review Final Thoughts

If you have been following us for a while, you know I am a huge fan of Bosch because of their dependability and quality of their products. This laser isn’t any different. Sure I can find something for a little cheaper, but I don’t want to cut any corners with this type of tool. This laser will allow a user to set up their work environment in minutes, control it from their phone, know that the line is accurate, trust the tool to be dependability and make your life easier. So when it comes down to it, is there anything else you want in a laser that gives you all that plus, three-360° lines, and plumb points?



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