JENSEN Mini Radio and Wireless Headphones Kit with Weather Band JHD910BTK- Review


For our Kawasaki Mule 610 project I decided to go looking for a more application specific type stereo.  I wanted something that was fully weatherproof and had features that I could utilize.  Jensen sent me their Bluetooth MINI Radio and Bluetooth Wireless Headphones Kit JHD910BTK.  It is designed for small vehicle applications like an ATV/UTV, tractor or a skid steer.  Really anything that has a 12v power source and has a compact area to mount the 5-3/16″W x 3-3/8″H x 1-7/8″D radio

The kit includes noise reducing Bluetooth headphones which are great.  They work with most any Bluetooth device like an iPhone and you can even receive calls on them. The rechargeable headphones last 10 hours playing music on a single charge and in our tests we actually got longer run times.  It charges via a standard mini usb port which is good because I always lose chargers.  I used the headphones when I was working with an SDS chipping away at a tile floor.  The headphones worked flawlessly.  I could hear my music and the outside sound was mostly muffled out.  Sound quality was good however don’t expect ear drum blowing volume levels.  On the side of the headphones is a control panel where you can play, pause, fast forward, rewind and answer calls.  To connect the headphones to the mini radio just turn on the Bluetooth, be within 32′ and the headphones will automatically connect.

The radio is compact and can be installed into the tightest of places.  You just need to make sure that you provide airflow to the back of the unit.  It comes with a ridged mount, but we made a spacer out of steel and flush mounted it.  The unit is rugged and unlike some units where only the faceplate is waterproof, the entire radio is waterproof.  Washing the unit is not an issue.  The rubber sealed buttons are big and easy to operate with gloves on.  Installation is simple and there is no need for a constant power wire as the radio has its own internal memory which prevents your battery from draining.  A simple 2 wire setup has you up and running in minutes.

The JHD910BTK radio was built for work with features like a job timer, amber and green color selections, one touch mute and a built in weather band. Yes, that’s right, this radio has built in 7 channel NOAA weather.  Not only that, but it will automatically go to the weather band if NOAA is broadcasting an alert. This feature is a lifesaver literally.  I usually have the radio on weather band anyway because I am a weather nut.  There are 30 programmable station presets (18FM, 12AM). You can use your own bluetooth headphones and you plug any device in via the standard aux in port on the front of the unit.

For an antenna we used the JAN139 – 6″ Top or Side Mount Rubber Mast Antenna which has great reception, better than any other radio in my garage.  It has a 39″ cable and a 5.9″ flexible rubber mast so it can be mounted really anywhere.  For our project we mounted it on the side of the hood.  We used JXHD35 – Heavy Duty 3.5″ MINI Waterproof Surface Mount Speakers, these complete the waterproof setup.  They handle up to 30 watts each which is perfect for our radio set up.  The speakers lack bass so you won’t be jamming to your Basshunter songs, but overall they have a decent sound for their size and can be mounted almost anywhere.  If you’re looking for a stereo designed for the work environment, this is a no brainer.  They have a lot of accessories to choose from , everything from mounts to antennas.  Check out



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