Bosch Pocket Reciprocating Saw Blades


Bosch introduced a new pocket size reciprocating saw blade.  How many times have you tried to use a conventional 6″ blade to get into tight spots?  Right, too many times.  What happens?  Well after the swearing and a little banging stuff up and vibration to your hand, you finally cut through the wood or pipe.  Well Bosch listened to the end user and came out with the pocket size blade, a 4″ blade.  This is a perfect size especially when combined with a compact hand held saw.  Bosch uses a 2×2 tooth geometry and a thin kerf for faster cutting.  These blades use the same color coding system as the 6″ and 12″ blades.  Blue for metal and white for wood.

We didn’t get a chance to use the wood blades, but we did use the metal blades and the extra 2″ is nice.  We were working on a sauna room and had to move some pipes.  The extra 2″ does make a huge difference in tight spots.  Overall the blades stayed sharp and we did get a fair amount of cuts.  In fact I used a blade to cut through some cement board.  Yes I know they are not designed for that, but I had to make a circular cut.  I had two options, I could be energetic and walk out to the truck or be lazy and pick up the saw sitting by my feet with a blade already attached.  What would you do?  Right grab the saw by your feet.  Usually a blade will just get ripped apart with cement board, yes I have done it before.    No wonder I look like I am 6 months pregnant.  I can’t say I could sit there all day and make cuts in cement board, but it did last longer than I expected.  However when used properly and you cut metal, it does last a long time.









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