New Bosch Rotary Hammer Bits


Drilling holes has come a long way since back in the day when it took days to drill one hole.  You had some guy sitting there spinning a tool by hand to make a hole.  Nowadays you have hammer drills and rotary hammers.  The process that used to take hours, now takes seconds.  When you think about what’s happening, it’s actually pretty cool.  Not only is it cool, it’s amazing a bit doesn’t bust easier or get dull right away.

Speaking of that Bosch introduced a new rotary hammer bit to make them even tougher.  The bits deliver more precision and have a longer life in reinforced or aggregate.  The new Bulldog Xtremes are built around a solid-head carbide design.  The process they use to make these bits also means less carbide wear.

Bosch uses their own process which uses diffusion-bonding technology and a high heat pressure solid welding process.  This means the head won’t break off.  I would really like to see this process.  Amazing all that goes into a little bit.


The tip has a centric conical tip which helps guide the bit and create rounder holes which does make a difference for fasteners and anchors.  There is even a wear mark that will alert the user when the bit has too much wear and is worn to a level that is no longer precise.  Hey my toothbrush has that also, an alert system to let me know when to change my brush.  Once the blue goes away on my bristles, I need to change my toothbrush.  Some how I think it might be a little different, but the concept is the same.

The flute design helps remove dust, which helps keep the bit cooler.  In return this also helps give you a longer life on the bit.  These new bits come from 5/32″ to 1″ diameters and 4″ to 39″ in length.

As you know we did a review of the new Bosch Rotary Hammer which is the next generation of rotary hammers.  While you can use these bits on older SDS models, they are designed for the newer generation of rotary hammers.






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