It’s That Time of Year – Heated Jacket Season


Winter is here or at least in the Chicagoland area it is.  I actually woke up yesterday and saw the grass filled with snow.  So I figured it was time to break out my heated jacket and stay warm.  There are a lot to pick from.  Milwaukee started it all and soon followed by Dewalt and Bosch.  This year it looks like Craftsman and Makita are entering the market.  So which one is the right one to pick from?  Well it depends upon what your looking for.  Bottom line, none of the original three are bad options.  If you have a solid 12V line you like and don’t want an extra battery pack to worry about, Milwaukee, Dewalt and Bosch are all solid options.  If your looking for style, Milwaukee has the most options, followed by Dewalt and Bosch.  So which one is my favorite?

Personally I like the Bosch the best, followed by Milwaukee, then Dewalt.  The main reason is the placement of the battery.  The Bosch is easy to access, easy to change and can easily plug my cell phone into the USB outlet and charge my phone.  The Milwaukee and Dewalt are placed towards the back of the jacket and can be a little difficult to access, unless your into yoga.  I would have to say Dewalt is my least favorite, only reason is because of the size of the battery.  While I love the Milwaukee and Dewalt jackets, when in a sitting position, I tend to feel the battery on my side.  Check out the video below where we check out the Bosch, Dewalt and Milwaukee jacket, side by side.

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  1. I picked up a Milwaukee hoodie over the weekend. Worth every penny then some. I do wish they would have put the indicator light in a different place. Everyone wants to stop and talk about it.


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