DeWALT DCR006 Bluetooth Speaker


When DeWALT announced the DCR006 Bluetooth speaker a few months back I wasn’t too excited.  However now that I have one, I love it.  If I could sum it all up in one word it would be “Simplicity”.  It’s easy to connect and operate.  Press a Bluetooth button and the unit goes into discover mode.  Your device instantly connects, hit play and you’re all set to go.  The speaker is small, just under a foot tall and has a rugged, durable appearance.

The controls on the top are rubber to help keep dust and dirt out. Side connections like aux and a USB charger add more functionality.  There are actually 2 speakers in the unit.  Don’t expect concert hall sound, but the unit does a pretty good job even on noisy work sites.  You control the volume either on the unit or on your device, when you max out the volume you hear a loud beep. Outdoors this was a good idea, but in a small area it was loud!

You can run the speaker on AC, 12V or 20V power.  It will run up to 15 hours on a single 1.5A 20V max battery.  The unit sits upright and has a handle area in back, it is small so packing or carrying it with other tools is no issue.  You can also run string or wire through 2 holes in the back to hang it.  Overall the DCR006 is the best portable speaker solution on the job site.  Check it out over at The Home Depot.


  1. When you change the volume on the DCR006, does it change internally or on the connected device?
    For example, when I use my iPhone with my carkit, I can turn the volume on the iPhone all the way up and then seperately adjust the volume on the carkit. In other words, the volume knob does not control the connected device.

    Looks like a nice speaker, but don’t think I have a use for it. (Although I still would want one 🙂
    Already have 2 XR radio’s and then there’s the ToughSound /ToughSystem radio that looks interesting…

  2. It does seem to be a nice little speaker. Not sure I would need one either anytime soon. I like the versatility and components of the DCR015. It has all the features I need, with the best being the battery charging feature. The DCR006 might be great for someone who is just getting into the job site/portable radios, and yes, for camping and tailgating. Have you guys had any experience with the Bosch PB360S? I’ve heard it’s a pretty sweet radio as well.

  3. Hi guys. Kinda agree with the rest of the comments. Not sure what need this little speaker will fulfill if I already have two smaller radio/speakers (Milwaukee/Beats). I will probably get it just because it’s more manlier than the Beats pill. Never mind, I won’t get it. Wait! It’s DeWalt, I must have it, no must resist the temptation. Let’s see whoni listen too, the devil or the angel. Laters TIA

    • That is weird. Dan has been using his with his X without any issues. Wish I could help but wouldn’t know where to start. I would call Dewalt’s helpline and see what they say.

  4. Great lil speaker when it works. Paired up to my Asus laptop on Windows 10 with no problem at home. Bought it to use with my HP laptop at work though… Will not pair with it. Pairs with my iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 with no issues. The HP pairs with my Plantronics headset and Logitec mouse, so don’t have a clue what the issue is. I did call DeWalt and they sent me a replacement radio saying it must be defective. Second one works exactly like the first. Will not pair to my work HP laptop. If you can get it to work, enjoy… Guess I will be doing a return…


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