DeWALT Wall Scanner – It’s Back


Last year DeWALT released the DCT418 which in essence was the coolest scanner to hit the market. Unfortunately it suffered some issues and was quickly pulled from the market.  It has now returned as the DCT419.  We can’t wait to get out hands on one to see how well it works.

wall scanner


  1. So the scanner is going to be assembled in the USA then? Wow, Dewalt is really bringing a lot of their manufacturing back here. I wish some of the other brands would follow suit.

  2. I can’t wait to see how this does now they have hopefully fixed its past issues, I was soooo looking forward to getting my hands on one last year as the house we have was built back when and there is a lot of wire mesh in the plaster walls which confuses the shit out of my Bosch scanner and I was hoping the DeWalt would do better. I will be waiting with bated breath for you guys to review it and then depending on what you think I’ll pick one up!

      • I am an electrician, and I do a lot of remodel work. Work that would include fishing walls, cutting in plugs, switches, flat panel TV boxes, etc. If this tool could reliably tell you what is inside a wall before you attempt to penetrate it, its worth every penny.

  3. yeap, i do a lot work in walls, this would save my bacon so many times, makes location scouting for wall ports a dream, would save me the money for pills for the headaches from unknown wall obstructions. i own a killer stud finder, but if this new model maps the wall very accurately then its worth its weight in gold.

  4. Wow it’s back!!! Hopefully it’s got all its kinks worked out and glad to c that there being made here USA. Hope u guys get ur hands on it soon :}

  5. Yeah DeWalt!! Bring back some manufacturing back to the good old US of A. I really want this to work & the price to come down as well. If it works like it is intended I don’t mind paying the cash for it. I saw a video way back when it was supposed to come out & it had all the bells & horns. Hopefully DeWalt sends you guys one to review. Last time I leaped & ordered mine when I first saw it hit the market, but never got it. This time I’ll wait like I always do for reviewers to review. Did I mention I really want this to work? Also, my Franklin scanner is doing great & it’s almost the best thing since sliced bread. Laters TIA


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