LED LENSER H14R.2 – Headlamp


When I got my first headlamp years ago I loved it except for the fact that it was not uncomfortable to wear. Since then most every headlamp I have tried seems to be just as uncomfortable.  Until now.  The H14R.2 is one of the most comfortable headlamps I have ever worn.  It fits well and has a very comfortable band.  Apart from being comfortable it is also bright , 850 Lumen bright on high.  The light weighs 12 ounces and has a whopping 5 year warranty.

The battery pack sits on the back of the headband but also comes with a wire to move it down to your belt.  It is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery or 4 AA alkaline batteries.  It will recharge in 8 hours thought a USB port or the included charger.   Brightness is adjusted via a lighted dial on the battery pack.  The dial on the pack also has a red flashing light so you can be seen from behind.

You can twist the ring on the headlamp to adjust your focus.  The light also includes Smart Light Technology which is demonstrated in the video below.  Overall I think the LED LENSER H14R.2 is a stellar light for anyone from professionals to cyclists.  Check LED LENSERS via Amazon 


  1. Now that is a cool light, not cheap but worth the investment if you think you might need something like that. Dan, why did you have your shoe off there? Had to ask, another good video guys.

  2. The only problem is the name. It’s sounds like its from a generic brand with a cheap quality flashlight. I was wondering why you guys were doing the review of this at first. I was like whats going on here till you guys explained how its a quality brand from Germany.

  3. That Smart Light Technology looks like it would get very annoying very quickly! Press eight times then click on nine? What happens if you lose count or you over press before clicking? Do you have to start from scratch?
    Sometimes companies over think things. Its a torch it needs an on/off button and maybe an on high/on low/off button.

    • I know what you mean. I laughed out loud when the first video told me to soft press the button 8 times and a full press one time to go into energy saving mode. LOL. You have to be joking. The most I want is high and low. Press the switch once and it is full power. Cycle the power on then off again and it goes into low power. It will stay in that state when you turn it on again, unless you cycle it quickly.

      That first video actually stopped my from buying one of their products.

  4. LED Lenser is owned by Leatherman Tools, if these torches are as good as their multi tools then I need to try them. I’ve heard of the company for several years now, but have really like do to them (to many good options in this category). I also think that NutnFancy did a review on this headlamp sometime this year. I also agree with Chris, I like them simple, but nothing is simple anymore. Dan mentioned the DeWalt headlamp that was reviewed last year (or maybe two years), that was simple, on/off, up/down, no frilles. It is not comfortable, I don’t know if any headlamp is that, I keep it the car. Thanks for venturing into this category. Laters TIA


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