Irwin Marples Saw Blades


Looking for a quality saw blade for your table saw or miter saw?  Irwin has a new line of saw blades out that look very good.  The new line is called Marples and it offers the blades in a variety of sizes and tooth count.  One thing to note is these blades are made in Italy.  What does that mean for you?  I have no idea, but I do know the blades I have purchased in the past tend to last longer that are made in Italy as opposed to China.  In reality I believe Italy has higher manufacturing standards than China.

A couple cool features these blades offer are extra sharp and oversized carbide which provide a longer life.  Irwin also uses a heat resistant non stick coating which reduces gumming and provides a better finished cut.  Speaking of a better cut, one thing Irwin puts on the outside of the package is a graphic that shows the user what the blade is designed for and can be used for.  They use a nice star system with a 4 star being the best and a 1 star being the lowest.  As an example it shows the 40 tooth being much better to cut through hardwood, than the 100 tooth with 3 stars.  We found the blades online from $35 to $75 depending upon the size and tooth count.




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