DEWALT Stackable Deep Pro Organizer – DWST14825


Everyone loves organizers, and lately it seems like everyone is joining the band wagon.   I had recently purchased some cheaper organizers that did not impress me.  Every time I  moved the organizer around the screws would spill into other compartments.  This drove me crazy,  the snaps for the cover were also not the best quality.  I would rather just keep my screws in the cardboard boxes they came in.

Then I came across the DeWALT boxes, at a big box store,  there were a few dollars more than the other boxes.  I figured I would give it a try and with my shopping sickness I bought 4.  When I got it home, I filled it with all my  fasteners and right away I could tell that this box was made of better material than the others.  There was no flex in the lid which keeps the contents in their bins.  It has triangle notches that keep the bins in place.  2 big metal latches hold the lid down and are easy to latch even with gloves on.

The organizers are stackable and lock into each other via yellow plastic clips on either side.  The clips also help keep the top latched down.  On one of the boxes the 2 yellow plastic clips were missing and I got the box for $5 off.  Since they were missing I inspected the clips on the other boxes and they seemed ok.  I will keep an eye on these as it could be a weak spot.

In the video you see Eric and I bickering over the Anti-Rust sticker on the box.  I had told Eric that I thought the plastic had a chemical in it that prevents rust. I confirmed with DeWALT and Eric was right, only the metal latches are anti rust.  And just so you dont think I am crazy, there is a product called Zerust which is what I was referring to.  Overall the DEWALT Stackable Deep Pro Organizer are a great rugged storage solution and with a lifetime warranty will last you forever!




  1. Hi guys. I saw these cases at HD several months ago & I got a few. I was a little apprehensive at first, but I’m so glad I got them. These things are tough & hold everything in place. I keep my Kreg master system in one by removing a few trays & it holds it place well. This way I have one case with it & several screws all in one place. The other I have all kinds of misc stuff, wires, bits, blades, more screws, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Hey, guys–I watched the video after reading your post. It takes a while, but I think most folks come to realize it pays to spend the extra money for the nicer tool, car, baseball glove, etc., especially if that’s how you make your living. If the Dewalt boxes look better and their design helps them function better than the other brands, it’s probably worth it to you to get them. You’ll have them the rest of your life, so they should look good and perform the job they’re designed for well.

    As for the rust controversy…The term “anti-rust” is puffery on Dewalt’s part. Plastic DOESN’T rust (although it does oxidize in the proper environment, as does aluminum). The latches, which are a thin stainless material, won’t rust. I believe they’re comparing themselves to a standard painted metal container, so no, this box won’t corrode. However, they wisely did not claim to be unbreakable or crushproof. I have heard of Zerust, but doubt that’s been incorporated into the plastic. If you’re concerned with galvanized and other non-stainless fasteners rusting, you could spray some light oil on a few of them in each section. Or, you could place a packet of the silica gel dessicant that comes with electronics products in the box to absorb any random moisture. And you should keep stainless hardware away from galvanized and uncoated metals, as the latter two will sacrifice themselves (i.e., corrode) in the presence of nobler metals.

    Anyway, enjoy the boxes and have a great Thanksgiving!


  4. Do you guys know if I can stack these on the new TSTAK’s from DeWalt? It would be cool to use the new tool boxes with the TSTAK’s organizers. Hope you guys review these new boxes soon. Thinking about adding this organizer to the TSTAK1 or TSTAK2. Thanks & Happy Holidays


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