Hot Holiday Tool Gifts – 2012


Need help deciding what to get the men in your life for Christmas?  Well have no fear, we have some of the coolest gifts of the year for all sorts of budgets.

Black and Decker Gyro Screwdriver –

The Gyro puts a new spin on screwdriver technology.  It uses gyroscopes to activate the tool with a twist of the wrist.  It is lithium Ion powered, so you do not have to worry it sitting around and not having power when you need it.  It is always ready to go.  $39.88 Amazon

Kobalt Double drive Screwdriver

Who hasn’t seen the Double Drive commercial?  It was a hot item last year and will be this year also with the addition of a mini Double Drive.  $19.98 Lowes

WORX SD Screwdriver

The SD is slick, it looks like a gun and changes bits like a gun. The automatic bit change system is the best we have seen.  Chances are if you point this at a cop you will get shot, which gives it that James Bond factor.  It will be available in December.


Black and Decker Matrix

The Matrix is great for home owners who want an entire tool kit without spending a lot of money.  It comes in a 12v, 20v and AC version and the accessories cost between $20 and $30 each.  $70 Black and Decker

Milwaukee heated Jacket

The M12 jacket has 4 different colors now and even can be powered by a M18 battery increasing the runtime.  Women like this jacket just as much as the guys do.  Whenever someone sees the jack they always ask what it is and smile in amazement.  This jacket really makes me feel important whenever I wear it and gives me a reason to live.  Check them out via ACME Tools

VETO Pro Pack TP3

The Tp3 is an awesome bag because it clips on to just about anything.  Like a belt, pocket or another bag.  This makes it great for a ready kit.  I keep my most used tools in it.  I just grab it and I am instantly ready to work and have all my tools with me.  It is built tough like their bigger bags and will last forever.   Check out the TP3 $44.95 via ACME Tools

Porter Cable PCC582B 9 Volt Alkaline Infrared Thermometer 

This tool is like a poor mans thermal imager.  It emits either a red, green or blue circle on the target. The color depends on the temperature, red for hot, green for reference and blue for cold.  The 9V version works great and the visuals save time diagnosing thermal discrepancies!  Check it out $59.99 via ACME Tools


Johnson Johnny Square

We got to see a prototype of this tool earlier this year and loved it.  The notches keep your pencil from wandering and the integrated beer bottle opener is a great you pros that love to drink at work when the boss is not around.

Yost 250 2 1/2″ Clamp on Vise

Yost makes some of the best quality vises in the world and they are made in the USA.  The clamp on vise is perfect for those who have a small space to work in or need to be mobile.  For hobbyists this vice is a perfect choice.  $77 via Yost vises.

Dewalt Stackable Organizer

The DeWALT Deep Pro organizer is a great all around organizer.  It is rugged and locks tight to prevent the contents from spilling into the other bins.  All the DeWALT storage products we have seen so far are top notch and built to take daily job-site abuse.  $19.97 Home Depot 

More gift guides coming soon.


  1. I got a great holiday gift last year. It was a fantastic Miwaukee power tool pack. I have used it numerous times since then and have been really impressed with it. This was the first time I had ever had Milwaukee power products but this is definitely something that I would recommend to others as they are very reliable and well priced.

  2. Did you guys know that Sears Craftman has a toll similar to the Black & Decker Matrix? It is a little more expensive, but it looks sturdy. I was it over the Black Friday frenzy. Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgivig.

    • Yes, thanks Juan. It is called the Bolt-On and more expensive than the Matrix. I am almost positive it is made by Black and Decker for Craftsman.

  3. those stackable organizer are nice but at 20 bucks a pop seems expensive for what you get or maybe i’m just cheap. It’s all plastic can’t cost more than 5 bucks to make.


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