Peragon Truck Bed Cover – Ford F-150 Ecoboost Project


I love truck covers, they protect your cargo from weather and theft.  There are all kinds of tonneau covers, rolling, flip, one piece ones, the list goes on. Personally I like a low profile clean look and the Peragon is one of the best looking covers that I have seen.  The powder coated aluminum panels give an almost factory like appearance.  When you need maximum space you can easily take the panels out to give you full bed access.  The Peragon is available factory direct from which saves you a ton of money because there is no middle man.

The cover comes in 2 boxes and requires minimal assembly.  Everything is laid out well and the instruction manual even had an F-150 on the cover.  The parts bags are sealed in the order that you use them which gives you a better work-flow so you can easily assemble the cover.  It takes around 2 hours to install the cover on your truck.  Most of this time is used making final adjustments.  You will want to have an extra person to help you lift the rail system into your truck bed.  On our 2011 F-150 we had to drill 4 holes in the lip of the bed to mount the brackets. Obviously we would have preferred not to drill, but the drilling was minimal.  They include a bunch of washers to level out the cover on the bed

The cover has a good rubber gasket system that protects your contents from elements.  For those of you that want an even tighter seal, Peragon offers a tailgate seal kit.  The cover did a good job of keeping the rain out, we even ran it though an automatic touch-less car wash with minimal leakage.  The cover does not need to have the drainage tubes like other covers you see on the market.  The operation is the cool part of the Peragon cover, it actually opens from the front which also makes the unit more robust against break ins.  There is a key lock on the forward drivers side, unlock it and push the cover down and it folds in like magic.  Well maybe not magic but it is pretty cool to watch.  When you open the top it all folds forward into a space of about 6″, but like I said earlier you can easily remove the entire set of panels in no time if you need full bed access.  To close the cover you just pull the center strap.  I opened and closed this top about 100 times in the first day because I was so amazed by it.

The Peragon truck bed cover is made in the USA and screams quality.  Once we installed the cover it didn’t make a sound, no rattling or squeaking whatsoever.  The cover is low profile and does not stick out like some gaudy fiberglass lid variants. To wrap it up, I recommend the Peragon as a great all around cover.  It is ingenious, innovative, affordable and the quality is top notch. Check the other reviews at



  1. Dan–Looks like a great alternative to solid (one-piece)fiberglass “lids” that I’ve seen. I imagine thery’re a struggle to lift up, and by their design they don’t allow you to carry taller items once installed. I also assume that there’s an increase in gas mileage over an uncovered bed. It appears you’ve found the ideal cover for your truck.

  2. wonder how much damage you would do to your hand if you didn’t get it out
    of the way when the cover is sliding back? Could a little kid get on top
    of the cover and step on that last panel and get caught when the cover slides

  3. how well would this hold up in the cold/snow? i have a rolling cover and its ok. (snow builds up in the rolling mechanism) would this be better?


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