IRWIN Hanson Performance Threading System – Review


Taps and dies are one of the coolest tools I have ever used.  They allow you to make threads in material and also can turn round stock into a threaded screw.  My first experience with a tap and die was a few years ago when I purchased a tap and die set from Harbor Freight because it was cheap.  That turned out to be a big mistake, because  the first time It was ever used it broke,  the metal was very brittle and cheap.  So that being said I needed to find a quality tap and die set.  I have always been a fan of IRWIN tools, so I contacted them and they sent out the Hanson Performance Threading System.

You can buy these kits as you need them in modules, we got the SAE tap and dies and the actual tool kit. The cases are stackable and a nice addition to the tool.  Most tap drive tools use a set screw to lock in the die.  The Hanson has a plastic locking collar that is simple to lock with one finger.  The die stock has a stunning chrome finish and emits a quality feel, it has a perfect balance.  It does not ratchet but you can use a 3/8″ ratchet with the drive adapters.  The adapters have adjustable  jaws to lock on your taps and they even include a small T-handle for getting into those tight areas.  The taps  and dies have a self aligning feature which help start your threads straight.

Using the Hanson Performance Threading System is like night and day compared others I have used.  It feels solid and easily cuts though the thickest of steel.  The heavy balanced feel of the handle makes cutting almost effortless.  Overall this is a great system that you can add to as needed.  The cases are low profile and fit in a tool box drawer and with the lifetime warranty you cannot go wrong.  Check out IRWIN  Hanson.  September 21 is national tradesman day 



  1. GREAT HANDS ON VIDEO. I have had tap & die sets given to me over the years
    and i always ended up giving them away, cause i never knew how to use them.
    Dan your hands on explination was just what i needed, now i am gonna get
    a set from irwin and actually use it. Gonna tap and die the hell out of
    everything. Really could have used a Tap & Die set the other day.


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