Johnson Quad-Line Self-Leveling Cross Line Generator with Plumb Beam 40-6662 – Review


Wisconsin has always had deep tool roots, leading companies like Milwaukee Tool, Rolair, Miller, Rotozip all got started there. So it is no surprise that one of the best laser and level manufactures in the world reside there also. I am talking about Johnson Level in Meqoun Wisconsin, a small town outside of Milwaukee. We got to take a Tools In Action field trip up there a few weeks back and it was awesome! We got a tour of the facilities, got see some cool things being made and learned a lot about the people who are Johnson Level. It is a family owned and run company that makes most of their products here in the U.S.A.

Johnson has a lot of lasers, more than you can imagine. For this review we are going to focus on the 40-6662 quad line. You may think that it is R2D2’s brother from Star Wars but it’s not. It is one of the most useful laser I have used, it Projects three vertical lines, two horizontal lines and one plumb-down beam making it perfect for almost any job. It even has a pulse mode that you can use with the optional detector. The laser comes in a sturdy plastic case that has a rubber gasket to keep out moisture and laser cut foam protects the laser and the components from any damage. The laser itself has an ip54 rating and a 3 year warranty.

The laser has 2 ways to power it, the included 4 AA adapter and the included Lithium Ion battery which gives your up to 8 hours of runtime. The 6.4v Ni-Cad battery has a charger that plugs directly into the battery so you can still use the laser while it is charging. It comes with a small tripod and can fit standard job-site tripod mounts. It has a dial and degree markings so you can precisly dial in your measurements. Like most Johnson lasers it also has the red glasses and a target to help find the lines. at the top is a lighted bubble level to aid you in getting the unit set up. Operation is easy, just twist the side dial to unlock the pendulum and turn on your lines via the back control panel. You can have all the lines on or any individual one you want depending on your job.

We used the laser for 2 things, the first was to figure out grade off of a seawall. We did this during daylight and as you can see from the pictures it was easy to see the laser line on the grade stick. The level has an accuracy of +/-1/8″/50ft which was perfect for this job. Range on this level is 200″ inside and 300: outside with the optional detector. The second job we did was to run a cable and pulley system across a channel between 2 trees. This was easily done with the help of the detector and grade stick. Everyone helping with the project was impressed at the lasers capability.

The laser has a visual and audible alarms that tells you if it is not level. Overall we like the Johnson 40-6662 and have no complaints, it is rugged and dependable and a must have if you want things level!  Check out Johnson level.



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