Husqvarna 455 Rancher Chainsaw – Farm Tough Review


Sometimes you just need a general all around use chainsaw.  Husqvarna created the 455 18″ saw for this category.  It has plenty of power for almost any task you throw at it and starts easlily every time.

Whenever we ask industry forestry pros about the equipment they use, it’s always Husqvarna and Stihl.  I once brought an Echo chainsaw to a pro for an opinion and he laughed me away.  I had major problems with that Echo, but it is a classic case of you get what you pay for.  I am a firm believer in brand loyalty, Husqvarna is quality all the way through, from their entry level products to their big industrial products.  The Husqvarna name symbolizes quality and has a reputation to back it up.

The 455 has a 3.5 hp 55.5 cc motor that puts out 9,000 rpm to cut through the hardest of woods.  Like all Husqvarna engines I have used, the engine started up first or second pull every time.  You do not need to give it throttle to start it and it has a compression switch for easier starts.  The controls are simple to use, just pull the choke which is combined with the stop switch for easier starting.  Our saw came with a 18″ bar, but you can use a 13″ all the way up to a 20″ bar.  The chain adjustment isn’t tool-less like the Husqvarna 450 e-series we reviewed here, but holds tight and has a side mounted chain tensioner for easy access.

Like most Husqvarna products, maintenance is a breeze thanks to a quick-release air filter.  The chain oil pump is adjustable so you can dial it in depending on the conditions.  The 50:1 fuel and oil tank have big openings to minimize spillage.  The operational comfort of this saw is outstanding.  Hardly any vibrations are transferred to the user.  This minimizes fatigue when you have a lot of cutting to do.  An inertia activated chain brake reduces the chance of injury on kickback.

We took the saw out to a local tree man with 30+ years of experience.  When we arrived he was up in the tree using a Husqvarna climbing saw 338xpt.  He climbed down and cut some wood with the 455, he liked the power and told us he has used the brand for many years.  The 455 is a great all around saw to have on your property.  Husqvarna reliability will last you years of faithful service and always be ready to go.




  1. If you put a carbide tip chain on the saw you csn pretty much cut through anything
    and not worry about dulling the chain. Can’t count the times i have been cutting
    firewood and just nicked the dirt and have to stop and sharpen the chain.
    Carbide tipped chain isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth the extra bucks.

  2. Nice video’s, I’ve had great luck with Husq. lawn equipment for many years and watching these video’s have definatly made me think about the purchase of a 455, even at around $350.00, sure beats the other brand I’m using.

  3. Stihl is a German company and Husqvarna is Swedish. I used to own a small Echo chainsaw for doing a little pruning here and there. I bought an Echo because my landscape dealership sold them and i liked my back pack blowers made by Echo. UNFORTUNATELY ECHO CHAIN SAWS ARE TERRIBLE. I can’t how many times it would stall on me while i was in a tree cutting….. Annoying is an understatement. Stick with STIHL, it’s what they’re known for.

  4. I may have gotten a lemon, I’ve changed the entire pull cord assembly with spring 5 x in 1 year and the clutch once also. Really annoying while in a tree 30+ feet up.


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