Husky Tube Cutter

Husky Tube Cutter

Husky is known for their hand tools and a house brand for The Home Depot.  Walk into any Home Depot and you will see anything from sockets and ratches to lighting and storage.  One hand tool that is familiar to any plumber is a pipe cutter. A pipe cutter is a great tool to cut pipe when compared to a hacksaw or reciprocating saw.  A pipe cutter is usually fast but more importantly, it produces a clean finished cut.  So let’s get introduced to the Husky Tube Cutter.

Husky Tube Cutter Information

Husky Tube Cutter – Features

The Husky is designed to work with materials such as copper, brass, aluminum and thin wall conduit. The cutter will cut pipe from 5/8″ to 2-1/8″.

  • Quick Adjustment button
  • Fold Away Reamer
  • Extra Blade Storage in Knob
  • Lifetime Warranty

Husky Tube Cutter – First Impressions

Husky Tube Cutter

While this isn’t a review, we did have some time to play around with the Husky cutter.  The first thing you notice is the all-metal construction which means it’s tough and will last.  For me, I like the quick adjustment for different size pipes.  However, if you use the knob and take it from the smallest to largest fitting, it is very smooth.  While this tool can cut different pipes, the copper is where this would be used most.  We cut some thin wall EMT and it not only leaves a very clean finished cut, but it cuts through the pipe very easily.

Husky Tube Cutter – Final Thoughts

The Husky is a great tube cutter for both the professional and the homeowner.  Priced at only $24, it’s hard to beat.  With a lifetime warranty, it should be the last cutter you buy, well except for when you loan it out and they don’t return it.


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