Milwaukee Torch

Milwaukee Torch

It is amazing how many job sites have changed over the last decade.  Not only do we deal with better power tools, but we also work with better materials.  With these newer materials, we sometimes need better accessories.  We need better accessories to not only keep up with the more powerful power tools, but we need these to work with the better materials. We need to make multiple cuts and can’t be slowed down by sub-par accessories.  So speaking of better accessories, the Milwaukee Torch looks to be the answer.  The torch is a carbide blade made to last cut after cut.


Carbide blades are becoming a lot more popular.  While they are still a specialty blade and difficult to manufacture, they have become a more attractive alternative.

Carbide blades are more expensive for the initial purchase however they last longer and perform better than the tradition metal reciprocating saw blades. So when you are looking for performance, Carbide blades have shown time and time again that they perform even under harsh conditions.

Milwaukee Torch – Information

  • Name – Milwaukee Torch Carbide Teeth Metal Cutting Reciprocating Saw Blade
  • Model – 48-00-5201
  • Price – $12.00
  • Buy – Buy online at The Home Depot
  • More InformationMilwaukee Blades
  • Milwaukee ReviewMilwaukee Tools

Milwaukee Torch – Features

Milwaukee uses Carbide teeth to cut through material quicker and last longer, which saves money in the long run.

  • Designed to cut – Black Pipe, Angle Iron, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Rebar, and High Strength Alloys.
  • Carbide – 25% more Carbide per tooth than other carbide blades on the market.
  • Design – 70% Large Gullet means rapid chip removal.
  • Tooth – 7TPI

Milwaukee Torch – First Impressions

We have used other manufacturers blades on the market.  The one thing you will notice is how fast and how long carbide lasts.  Sure they have a higher upfront cost, but in the end, the speed and blade life will more than enough pay for itself.

We cut some rebar and cast iron.  The blade did an outstanding job.  When I worked on my house, I used one of the blades to cut through our cast iron bathroom vent and the blade was able to not only keep up, but we didn’t chip any teeth.  We also used it to cut out some old Armored Cable.

Milwaukee Torch –  Final Thoughts

When it comes to a reciprocating saw, we know the Milwaukee Sawzall is king.  With their Torch blades, they are pushing hard to make a system with a tough carbide blade to go along with the tough Sawzall.  While the blade is pricey up front, in the long run, you will save money with less frustration, fewer problems, and a longer life blade.


  1. I like torch for the price, but have found that Diablo still out lasts them by a good margin. Carbide is actually a really vague term as it’s referring to a metal with extra carbon. There are tons of various types of carbide out there of varying quality. Tungsten carbide being one of the most popular for it’s insane heat tolerance. Never doubt the efforts a company’s marketing department will put up lol I’d be very curious to see a comparison of Milwaukee’s carbide to Freud’s, though.


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