Apex Bits

Apex Bits

Apex is probably a name you aren’t familiar with unless you have been working in larger industries.  For the rest of the world, it’s a newer name.  They have been around since 1933 and an extremely large company.  They have worked with and designed power tools, power tool accessories and more for high-end tool users. So let’s check out the Apex Bits.

Apex Bits – Information

Apex Bits – Features

  • Modified S2 Steel
  • Proprietary Heat Treated Process
  • Full Body for Strength
  • Optimized Tip
  • PH2 Tested to 100% prof load and reached 20,000 cycles

Apex Bits – First Impressions

Apex Bits

This isn’t a review of Apex bits, it’s an introduction.  As a user, I can’t tell you these are the best, worst or middle of the line bits.  However, I do know Apex and how quality and longevity is a top priority.  I also know they have the capabilities (probably more than some of the brand names we know) of producing high-quality bits.

From my use around the shop, I did notice they have an extremely great fit, even in a Phillips head.  I have been building a workbench, miter stand and more and have been using the bits.  Usually, I am swearing when using Phillip bits, but so far the bits have been great with little cam out.

Apex Bits – Final Thoughts

Again, it’s hard to really say if these are better bits than a name you know.  For me, I like these bits and maybe because it’s a name I know and the quality of products they put on the market.  I would love to hear what others have experienced with these bits and their opinion on the Apex bits.


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