Husky Tool Chest Review

Husky Tool Chest Review

If you walk into any Home Depot you will see a wide variety of toolboxes available.  With the three major brands being Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Husky.  In the past, I was the guy who would walk right past the Husky and not give it a second look.  Now, it’s the first box I check out.  The main reason is quality vs price.  We have owned one of the new styles of Husky tool boxes for a while and you can see a huge improvement over their older models.  In fact, I feel the new boxes offer the same quality as the major power tool brands but for less money, so what’s not to love about them?  So let’s take a look at the Husky Tool Chest Review.

Husky Tool Chest Review Overview

Husky is an exclusive brand to Home Depot.  Ever since 1924, Husky has been dedicated to hand tools.  Over the years they have branched out and started to get into other areas like portable storage, lights, and toolboxes.  If you are like me, Husky was always a brand I would walk right past and go to a different brand.  However the more I am learning about Husky, the more I realize that Husky is a great brand and a brand that I would put against any of the big boys.  Just because their prices are lower doesn’t mean the quality is lower.  We will be covering more Husky tools in the near future and talking more about the story but for now, let’s focus on the toolbox.

Husky Tool Chest Review Features

Husky Tool Chest Review

The Husky toolbox is a 52″ – 2 piece storage chest and provides 37,421 cu. in of storage.

Husky Tool Chest Review

Like other tool chests, this has a lid that lifts open with a shelf.  Sure most people would organize it but after all, this is Dan’s.

Husky Tool Chest Review

One huge feature is the casters.  The casters on this box are solid and not cheap.  They lock easily and the wheels roll nice, making it easy to move around if needed.

Husky Tool Chest Review

The top lid opens easily and is supported by two gas struts.

Husky Tool Chest Review

On each side of the box, there are two power strips along with USB ports.  Personally, I like having them on the inside so I can hook up chargers.

Husky Tool Chest Review

On the back of the box, there is a magnetic back to store tools or you can buy hooks for more organization.

Husky Tool Chest Review

The top box features 6 drawers with one of them being a locking drawer.

Husky Tool Chest Review

The bottom features 9 drawers.


Husky Tool Chest Review

The drawers all come with liners which are thick and offer padding.

Husky Tool Chest Review

The drawer uses a C-Channel as handles and your fingers fit under the handle even with gloves, making it easy to open.

Husky Tool Chest Review

The drawers are all soft close and support up to 120 lbs per drawer.

Husky Tool Chest Review Performance

Here is the deal.  I can sit here and tell you how much I love this chest.  But you will never really get and feel the quality until you visit your local Home Depot and check it out for yourself.  I am not knocking the other brands but once you check this chest out next to the other boxes, you will easily be able to see and feel the quality of this chest.

I love the build quality and how easily the drawers open and close.  I love how the drawers open all the way and I can easily see what’s inside, even at the back of the drawer.

Next time you’re at The Home Depot, check out this box and let us know your thoughts.  Trust me, you will be impressed.

Husky Tool Chest Review Value

The box retails for about $900 at The Home Depot.  While Husky is usually priced cheaper than the competition, this box is right in line with other brands.  Considering the quality of the box and the size of the box, I think this is a great value.

Husky Tool Chest Review Final Thoughts

We have looked at a wide variety of tool chests over the years and the Husky is up there with the best.  The build quality is top notch, the drawers open and close nicely and the casters are high quality.  Again, I could sit here and preach to you but just visit a Home Depot for yourself.  The box is high-grade steel that is all welded and topped with a textured black powder coat paint for durability. Let us know your thoughts either below or on our YouTube video.


  1. fixed my draws 3 times each time 25.00 draw slides are cheap but I bought it and am stuck with it its ok intel you put weight in it have 65 lbs in this draw. Calling on phone don’t help wait to long 45-50 mins.this box is something wrong maybe draw isn’t sq. keeps falling out of tracks.thought husky was good but don’t now home depot will not help with problem

  2. I have sold Waterloo tool boxes for 29 years, and when I was ready to buy a large roller cabinet and top box, even with my employee discount, I could not get as good of a box for the money as the 52″ Husky combo. I am very happy with this box.

  3. Just bought the 52 in combo tool box and the top lock is broken. This what happens when you buy an already assembled box. Probably got slammed closed with the key partially locked and bent the internal slide. Home Depot refuses to take care of it. Won’t buy there ever again!

  4. I just got this box for my birthday. I operate repair shops and all my technicians have either Snap On or Matco. This box has similar features and seems a durable for a fraction of the price. The nicest gift my wife has ever given me. I love it.

  5. Just bought this chest today. Everything seems to work well so far. Love that the drawers roll all the way out so you can see the entire drawers contents.


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