Milwaukee Shockwave Bits

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits

Power tools are becoming more and more powerful every day.  As these become more powerful, we need better and stronger bits for our Drills and Impact Drivers.  While there are a ton of power tool manufacturer brands to choose from, for me, it comes down to a handful of companies I trust.  So let’s take a look at the Milwaukee Shockwave Bits – Impact Duty Driver Set.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits Overview

I am not the guy who is going to break down how these are made or which company uses the best material to make these bits.  I am just going off experience and what I look for in a set.

When it comes down to it, all bits will strip over time.  Let’s face it, there are times you cam out because you are at a weird angle or just not paying attention. So in my mind, is there really a best bit?  I am sure there is but for me, I primarily use two brands, Makita and Milwaukee.  I have to say that 90% of the time it’s Milwaukee.  They seem to last and I love the cases, plus you can always get these bits at a good price.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits Features

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits

Milwaukee offers a wide range of bits and setups, but this set is a 142 piece Shockwave Impact Duty driver set model 48-32-4075. The bits are made from a custom alloy steel.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits

All the bits are stored in a plastic carrying case that opens with a simple latch.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits

As you can see, the bits are laid out nicely and easy to find when needed.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits

All the bits fit in a plastic sleeve that can be removed and repositioned.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits Performance

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits

I have been using these bits for my whole house project and as discussed earlier, these have been perfect for the job.  They have a nice fit and didn’t experience much cam out.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits

While I love the bits, I love the cases even more.  It’s so nice to be able to run upstairs or up a ladder and bring a bunch of bits with you.  You can easily find a bit.  While some of the bits are very hard to get out of the plastic sleeve, you know they are secure and won’t fall out even if the case is dropped.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits Value

You can pick this kit up at The Home Depot for about $70.  I think this is a decent deal considering the bits are quality and you get the cases.  A while back I bought cheap bits thinking I was doing something good.  Boy was I wrong.  Ever since then I stay away from cheap bits.  So yes, you can buy bits for less but for what you get with these bits, I think it’s a fair price.

Milwaukee Shockwave Bits Final Thoughts

Again, I am sure everyone has their favorite bits, just like their favorite truck brand.  For me, I am a Milwaukee Shockwave fan because they seem to last and I love the cases.  The quality for the price is certainly a fair deal.


  1. I had a set of cheap bits for my M12 driver and would always wear them out and strip the screws. Upgraded to the shockwave bits and the #2 phillips are amazing!

  2. I really like these bits, I honestly bought them on name alone. I have several Milwaukee tools and when I needed a new set of bits, these were in the main aisle at my local HD store and I said what the heck, the price was decent and the kit I bought had everything I would need so I grabbed them. Now I own 4 sets with various bits and I really find them to be rugged and reliable. I’m working a big project with a few of my church goers and they have all variety and brands of bits but they keep coming to me to use mine. That to me says it all. I am going to have to grab a kit of the latest version that is just coming out and see if they have improved on an already great product.

  3. Hey mate, nice review, however…. You might want to update the pricing. I followed your link and got a shock. You said $30, well it’s basically $70 now… Eck…


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