Husky Small Parts Organizer

Husky Small Parts Organizer

Most professional tradesmen have to deal with keeping small parts, accessories or tools together.  You need easy access, you need to transport them and need them to be organized.  While there are solutions on the market, most of them seem like hard boxes.  Hard boxes are great for certain applications.  However, there are those times you want a soft solution where you don’t have to mess with a top and you can just reach in and get what you need.  This brings me to the Husky Small Part Organizer.


I am one of those guys who has to be organized otherwise I lose my sanity.  I can’t stand when I am working and I spend more time trying to find stuff, than getting a job done.  If you look at my garage, I have a ton of different ways to stay organized for my fasteners and other small items.

If you’re like me, you like to organize and find ways to make your life easier.  You might be looking for something new or something easier than what you have on hand.  So maybe the Husky part organizer might be something for your taste.  It’s durable, has an open top and you can easily access what’s inside.

Husky Small Parts Organizer Product Information

  • Name – Husky 19-Compartment Canvas Small Parts Organizer Tool Bag
  • Model – HD00123
  • Price – $13
  • PurchaseThe Home Depot
  • Husky Review – Husky Tool Reviews


Husky Small Parts Organizer

The Husky small parts are designed to store and transport small items and stay organized at the same time.

  • 6 divided sections
  • Designed to stack multiple units in a 5-gallon bucket
  • Bottom and exterior are reinforced with poly ripstop material
  • Heavy-duty canvas
  • Loop handle
  • 19 pockets – 13 exterior and 6 interior

First Impressions

This is a pretty cool idea.  I like the rugged material and how you can stack 3 or 4 of these in a 5-gallon bucket.  This is great for an electrician keeping tape and all the other small parts for electrical work.  The list can go on for who can benefit from this.

Accessing the inside dividers is easy and they do stay open once you have something inside.

Final Thought

For $13, it’s a good deal.  As a simple way to stay organized and be mobile, it’s a good solution.  I like the rugged material, the loop for transporting and the drawstring to close it up.  Well thought out and a good solution for those looking to stay organized with their small parts and hand tools.


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