Bosch SDS Speed Xtreme

Bosch SDS Speed Xtreme

When it comes to concrete, Bosch is Top Dog.  They make some of the best Rotary Hammers and concrete bits.  Professional tradesmen all over the world depend on these power tools and the power tool accessories to help them with their work.  They demand a bit that not only is fast but a bit that lasts, which usually the two don’t go together.  Well, Bosch has a pretty cool bit out that combines speed and longevity, the Bosch SDS Speed Xtreme.

Bosch SDS Speed Xtreme – Information

Bosch SDS Speed Xtreme – Features

Bosch has a wide range of Rotary bits, but the SpeedXtreme is designed with carbide which gives it speed and longevity.

  • 100% Carbide head
  • 4 cutter design
  • Diffusion Bonding – Provides longer life
  • Active centering tip
  • Bosch made carbide – Only concrete bit manufacturer to make its own carbide.
  • Four Flute Design

Bosch SDS Speed Xtreme – First Impressions

Bosch SDS Speed Xtreme

While this isn’t a review, we did have a chance to drill a couple of holes.  One thing for sure, the speed is there.  I image it’s the carbide along with the flute design that makes this go through concrete extremely quick.  The center point head also allowed us to drill more accurate which would be perfect for those holes you need precision, such as fasteners or anchors.

Bosch SDS Speed Xtreme – Final Thoughts

We don’t have a ton of time on this, follow us on social and you can see this in action, it’s a Bosch bit and a bit we trust.  Again, when it comes to concrete, Bosch is king of tools and accessories. I have been using Bosch bits since the early ’90s and they have always performed.


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