Husky Screwdriver Review

Husky Screwdriver Review

Husky is a brand that exclusive to The Home Depot, it’s their house brand.  In the past, Husky was something I always overlooked and walked by in the aisle.  However lately they have upped their game. Their products have been a much higher quality while their prices have remand low.  So for me, Husky is a great brand that has changed their game and becomes a player in the homeowner’s world.  So how do these screwdrivers compare to their reputation and the competition, let’s take a look at the Husky screwdriver review and see for ourselves?


While Husky has expanded their horizons with tool storage, lights and more, they still remain a big player in the hand tool world.  Take a walk down the aisle at The Home Depot and you will see sockets, screwdrivers, hammers and a wide variety of other hand tools.

Here is what you get with Husky.  You get a quality product for a low price that has a lifetime warranty.  For the homeowner and even the professional, it’s a great brand to take a look at and see if it’s a fit for your needs.  For me, as a homeowner, it’s worth it because if I am not using tools every day, why do I want to dump a ton of money into something for it sitting on the shelf for most of the time.  However, when I need to use it, I want it to perform and make my task easier.  So that is one of the reasons that I have become to like the Husky brand.


Husky Screwdriver Review

The 15 piece screwdriver set comes with 8 slotted screwdrivers and 7 Phillips screwdrivers.  The best part, the screwdrivers come with a lifetime warranty with no questions and no receipt required.

Husky Screwdriver Review

The handle doesn’t have the traditional round head.  Husky designed these with a pentagonal shape for better grip.  Along with the shape, the chemical resistant material on the handle is a type of softer rubber and also feels like this helps with grip.

Husky Screwdriver Review

The shafts are heat treated alloy steel which means they are designed for higher torque applications and will last under tough tasks.

The tips are precision formed for accurate fits which helps eliminate cam outs.  The Nickel and chrome plated blades also offer corrosion resistance.

On the top or back of the screwdrivers, there are marking to help identify the type and size of the screwdriver.  While they don’t have a strike plate on the back, they do feel solid.


Husky Screwdriver Review

Looking at these screwdrivers from a homeowners point of view, these are great screwdrivers.  They are comfortable will easily take the abuse of anything you throw its way and you don’t have to worry the Phillips head being too small and stripping out screws.

The two baby screwdrivers lack the quality of the big screwdrivers but will work for eyeglasses and other small electronic screws just fine.


You can pick this 15 piece screwdriver set up at The Home Depot for about $30.  For me, this is a great deal.  Not only do you get a quality set of screwdrivers that are comfortable but you get a lifetime warranty.  So as long as you don’t lose them or loan them out, this will be the last set of screwdrivers you every buy.  So $30 is a great deal for all that.

Husky Screwdriver Review Final Thought

Bottom line, for $30 this is a great buy for the homeowner.  With a lifetime warranty, comfortable grips, and 15 screwdrivers, how can you go wrong?


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