Husky Utility Light Review

Husky Utility Light Review

Husky is a brand that has been around since 1924 and can be found in any of your local Home Depot stores.  They are known for their hand tools.  For me, I feel they have changed over the years.  They have been producing a better quality product so I look at Husky as a quality tool for a reasonable price.  So what about their other products, how do they stack up.  Let’s take a look with the Husky Utility Light Review and see if this stand up to a quality product for a decent price.

Husky Utility Light Review Overview

Lighting is extremely important in any household or job site.  Having the right light can show you spots you might have missed when painting, help you find something under the couch, see where you need to sand more after you mudded the drywall.

Lights come in all size, shapes, and form.  They can be powered by a plug, a rechargeable battery or replaceable batteries.  If you are looking for a small utility light this is where the Husky comes into play.  The light is small and powerful.

Husky Utility Light Review Features

Husky Utility Light Review

The Husky Utility light, model 17FL1103 is a small utility light that is 1.75″ deep by 7″ wide and 4.75 high.  The body is made of plastic and weights .79 lbs.

The light is powered by 6 AAA batteries that are set in two different banks.  While the light can run off a single bank, it’s not as bright. You can expect to get about four hours of run time.

Husky Utility Light Review

The Husky light uses a single 700 Lumen LED light that will throw light about 65′.

Husky Utility Light Review

A foldable handle is attached to the back.  The handle will rotate 180 degrees and also has positive stops.

Husky Utility Light Review

With the foldable handle, it’s easy to set up and will stay in place with the positive stops.

Husky Utility Light Review Performance

Husky Utility Light Review

As you would expect, the light is bright.  It has 700 Lumens so it easily shines up a room on high.  I like the ease of setting it up with the positive stops on the kickstand.  To turn the light on and off, the push button is a nice feature.  I do wish that once you turn off the light, it would reset and go back to high next time I turn on the light.  I do light how I can softly press the power switch (Without turning it on or off) and it will change from high to low.

The overall quality of the light seems to be good and especially for the price point.

Husky Utility Light Review

You can either hang this light up, place it on a flat surface or use the kickstand to shine the light in any direction.  The one feature I wish this has was magnetics on the back.  It’s not a deal breaker but I would rather have more options than fewer.

Husky Utility Light Review Value

You can pick this light up at The Home Depot for about $15.  For $15 can anyone really complain? I am sure someone will find something but for me, this is a great deal.  You get a light that is 700 lumens, is portable, easy to replace batteries with a common size and can be set up to shine the light in all most any direction, what’s not to like about a $15 price tag?

Husky Utility Light Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, you get a quality light for $15.  The light is bright and last up to 4 hours.  This light is great for an emergency if you need a little extra light under the hood, around the house or looking for uneven spots when working with drywall mud.  As you know, there are unlimited places you can use this light and for $15, how can you pass it up if you need a solid light you can rely on?



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