Husky Knee Pad Review

Husky Knee Pad Review

As we get older, what we took for granted when we were younger, we are now wishing we had.  Perfect example, good knees and the ability to jump up off the ground. For me, it was very evident when I was doing my house remodel.  I can’t tell you how many times I was working from my knees such as trim work, drywall, demo, painting and more.  The one thing I really found true that I needed was a good pair of knee pads.  I could tell at the end of the day if I had a junky pair or nothing at all and compared them to a quality pair.  So with that said, how do these Husky knee pads stack up?  Let’s take a look at the Husky knee pad review and see if they are worth the money.


Husky is a brand that I am becoming more familiar with.  Over the years I have seen them at The Home Depot, but I usually walked past them.  It wasn’t a knock against them but I just wasn’t keen on their quality back in the day.  Over the last couple of years, Husky has really stepped up their game and creating a higher quality product but not increasing their prices by a lot.  So for me, I feel husky gives you a great value, especially with their hand tools.

Husky Knee Pad Review Features

Husky Knee Pad Review

The Husky knee pads, model 1H-22382-06, are an inexpensive solution to help protect your knees.

Husky Knee Pad Review

They feature a soft gel inside to help protect against impacts and sore knees.

Husky Knee Pad Review

As you can see above, the gel wraps around your knee which helps not only offer more protection but helps keep the knee pads in place when sliding around on the floor.

Husky Knee Pad Review

The knee pads are made from a nylon shell for durability. While some knee pads are plastic on the outside and are good for certain jobs, these are soft to help protect the floor or area you are working on.

The Husky knee pads use a single Velcro strap to attach the knee pads.  While it’s comfortable, I do like some of the knee pads with two straps, however, they can also be less comfortable.


Husky Knee Pad Review

The soft gel pads are comfortable and do offer plenty of padding when on your knees for long times.  This knee pad is in the middle of the road.  I have used knee pads that were more comfortable but I did pay a lot more.  However, I have also bought cheaper knee pads and they offered very little comfort.

The biggest or best feature about these pads is how they wrap around your knees and offer great protection and comfort.  I have used other knee pads where as you move on the ground, the knee pads shift and expose your knee.  These I felt like I could slide across the ground and not have to worry about exposing my knee and accidentally hurting it.

As far as nails, screws and other debris on the floor, the pads do a great job and mask the feeling of kneeling on a screw or small debris that usually causes pain.  Yes, I could feel sometimes that I was on something, but never a time where it caused pain.


You can pick these knee pads up at your local Home Depot for about $23.  There are a lot of knee pads on the market, some less and some more.  These knee pads are about what you would pay for this style of pad.

Husky Knee Pad Review Final Thoughts

Being on your knees can take a toll, especially for the older people.  It’s important to get a quality knee pad and protect your knees not only from pain but from long term damage.  I have to say that I do like these knee pads.  They wouldn’t have been my first choice of knee pads but after using them, it’s a knee pad I would use. They are comfortable and offer protection which should be the main features in a knee pad.


  1. Horrible knee pads- I use mine daily to load aircraft- my Husky kneepads lasted 2 weeks before the gel directly under the knee disintegrated and it was nothing more than cloth between my kneecap and the deck plate.

    Don’t buy them, they don’t last. I’ve had kneepads that cost $4.99 last for a year. These cost $29 and didn’t make it a full 2 weeks.

  2. Comfortable yes, but straps Velcro is terrible, in 2 months they began sagging and in 3 months they won’t stay on anymore. It’s as if they didn’t focus’s on this part of the knee pad. Mine has never been wet either.


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