Milwaukee Quick-Lok System

Milwaukee Quick-Lok Attachment System

Milwaukee has come a long way over the last decade.  What was once a one or two tool pony show has grown into one of the biggest power tool lines out of any power tool manufacturer.  Today we are going to look at something you wouldn’t associate with Milwaukee tool, the Milwaukee Quick-Lok System.  We live in Chicago so there is still snow on the ground, so we really can’t test and review this system today.  This is more of an unboxing.  Follow us on our Social channels and once the grass turns green, we will go into a more in-depth review.

Milwaukee Quick-Lok System – Information

  • Name – Milwaukee Quik-Lok Attachment System
  • Model – Varies – Trimmer 2825-20ST
  • Price – $54 – $478
  • Where to BuyThe Home Depot
  • More InformationMilwaukee Quick-Lok
  • Milwaukee Reviews – Milwaukee Tool Reviews

Milwaukee Quick-Lok System – Features

The Quik-Lok attachment system is powered by the Milwaukee M18 battery.  What’s great about this system is you only have a single power head.  Besides no gas, spark plugs or pull ropes, the single powerhead means your overall investment isn’t huge.  You can buy the powerhead and then buy only the attachments you need to help save money. Best of all, you get full power up in under a second.

Milwaukee Quick-Lok System – Impressions

The system as a whole seems like a professional system.  The shaft is solid and not flimsy as we have seen with other attachment systems.  I love the hedger and how easy it is to change the degree of cut.  There is an extension which means the chain saw will actually be useful as I can reach high up.

All the are easy to change and like how simple the whole process is to work with. The best part, is the run time and no more gas, plugs or pulling a cord until it break.

Milwaukee Quick-Lok System – Wrap Up

I am usually not a fan of a Jack-of-All-Trades tool but with this system, it seems to be great.  The build quality of each piece is high quality and love how easy it is to change each head.  I am a huge fan of the M18 battery and the platform, so this is a perfect fit.  I like the idea of being able to buy just the heads I want.  For instance, I need a hedger, but will only use it twice a year.  So now I don’t need a dedicated tool that only runs 2 out of 365 days a year. Overall, I like this system and can’t wait for the grass to start growing and give this a run. So does that mean Milwaukee will be hitting the market with a mower soon?


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