Husky Rolling Tote Review

Husky Rolling Tote Review

Talk with any tradesman about how they transport their tools and I am sure you will find all different ways these guys store and transport their tools.  Some guys buy fancy boxes while others just use five-gallon buckets.  Now if you are the guy who wants to use a bucket, this Husky rolling tote review might not be for you.  However, if you are looking for a way to organize your tools and transport them from point A to point B, well you might just like this solution from Husky.

Husky Rolling Tote Review – Quality

Husky Rolling Tote Review

What do you think of when you hear Husky and I don’t mean the dog.  If you are like most, you probably think an average homeowner tool.  Over the last year, Husky has made a huge move to start creating a more professional tool and professional image.  Take a look at their new tool boxes and some of their new hand tools.  These boxes and tools are designed to be more durable and a higher quality.  Well, this tote takes on the same thought of quality.

Right from the start, you can see that this bag is tough and made for the jobsite.  Husky designed this tote from 1680 denier heavy duty material.  This means that the bag can take a ton of abuse and still hold up.  The tools you throw into the bag will not pierce it and create holes.  The bag is water resistant.  The top of the bag has a flap that covers the waterproof zipper area for added protection.

Husky Rolling Tote Review – Storage Solutions

In regards to storage, Husky built in a ton of pockets to help keep you organized.  The bag will support up to 150 lbs. of weight, which means you can store a ton of tools in this bag before you even come close to capacity.  The bag features a total of 38 storage pockets on the outside and inside, plus four tape measure or pouch clips.


Husky Rolling Tote Review – Access

Husky Rolling Tote ReviewOn the inside, there is a tier system to store your hand tools so you can easily see your different tools.  This way you can take the guessing game out of what tool you’re going to grab.  The bag fully opens and makes grabbing hand tools or power tools easy.


Husky Rolling Tote Review – Transporting

Husky Rolling Tote Review

Moving the Husky tote from place to place is fairly easy.  There are three wheels located on the back of the tote.  When pushing the tote in front of you, you will have problems rolling over cords and other obstacles.  When pulling the tote behind you, the tote will easily roll over cords, rocks, and other obstacles.

The fold-away handle is very nice.  While I think it could be a little beefier, it’s a solid handle and should take the abuse over the long haul.

Husky Rolling Tote Review – Price

While the bag is a solid bag, rolls nice and is durable, I have a hard time getting over the hefty price tag.  Now if someone is looking for a long-term solution that will last for years to come, the price tag isn’t bad.  If this bag lasts you 5 years, which for most it should last longer, then the yearly cost isn’t bad.  With a price tag of $130 and a five-year life, it’s only $26 a year.  Not bad to make your life easier and protect your tools.

Husky Rolling Tote Review – Final Thoughts

Overall Husky did an awesome job with this tote.  While I think the upfront price tag is high for a Husky product, this is a great bag.  Not only will you be able to protect your tools, but you can stay organized and move them from place to place with ease.

This bag has a ton of reviews and most everyone is happy.  Check it out at The Home Depot.


  1. Husky makes real solid bags. I have two of the smaller bags. An 18″large mouth bag for painting and drywall tools. I have my “not everyday” hand tools in the 16″ bag with the tool wall. I have been using both for over 3 years with no tears or rips. They are the higher end Husky black bags, still a great deal.

  2. I have this bag and it is great. Compared to the milwaukee hardtop, it’s a no brainer. Cheaper and more space. Only downside too this bag, is trying to keep the weight down lol. Thanks for a great review.


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