Dewalt MAX Impact Bit Set

Dewalt MAX Impact Bit Set

Manufacturers are always introducing new power tools.  It seems like every day there is a new circular saw, a new drill or something else.  These tools are not only packed with new features, but with more power.  The motors are becoming more advanced and the batteries are running longer.  Everything in the power tool world is advancing, well except maybe not accessories.  For some reason, it seems like today’s accessories are breaking much quicker than in the past.  I am sure it has to do with more powerful power tools.  So today we look at the Dewalt Max Impact Bit Set and see how they hold up.

Dewalt is a company that is known for producing top notch products for the professional. So how do their accessories stack up?  Well, I have heard pros and cons to their accessories.  Some guys love them while others don’t care for them.

Dewalt MAX Impact Bit Set – Included Accessories

This is a 35 piece kit that offers a wide range of accessories for the user.  This is the one thing I love about this kit, the variety of accessories.  You get 21 1″ tips and 6 long bits, plus some magnetic holders and other bits.  I do have to say the magnetic bit holder is awesome.  Most of these holders I see advertised as magnetic are very weak.  The Dewalt is an exception as it’s strong.  Not only will it securely hold the screw in place, but you can dip the tip into a box of screws and grab multiple screws.

Dewalt MAX Impact Bit Set – Features

The Dewalt Max Impact Bit Set is designed to last with today’s strong tools.  The bits are optimized to provide maximum fit into a fastener which not only prevents cam-out but prevents stripped tips.  The bits offer a dual torsion zone which is ideal for today’s impact drivers.

So do these really hold up?  I have to say they fit extremely nice and tight into the fasteners we tried.  While we didn’t break any tips, it would be great to see them used every day and see how they hold up during heavy use.  For most people, they will hold up with the day to day tasks.

Dewalt MAX Impact Bit Set – Price

This is the one item that stops me from recommending this product to people, the price tag.  This is a disposable item and I have a hard time paying $30 for this kit.  Sure the bits are good and there is a variety of popular sizes, but $30 is hard to swallow.  Why would I pay $30 for a 35 piece kit when I could buy a 45 piece Milwaukee kit for $23?

Dewalt MAX Impact Bit Set – Final Thoughts

While I like this kit and everything it has to offer, I am still taken back by the price.  I am not saying they are out of line, but it seems like a high price tag for a disposable item. Other than the price, I think this is a great kit to have.  The kit has a wide variety of bits and offers the most popular items in this kit.



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