Husky Impact Glove Review

Husky Impact Glove Review

Let’s face it when it comes to work gloves, you have a wide variety of options to choose from. You can pick from inexpensive disposable gloves to fancy leather gloves.  Some gloves offer protection for not only your fingers while others offer for your whole hand.  So when we came across the Husky gloves we figured we would perform a Husky Impact Glove Review and report back to you.

Now before we move on, you have to understand who these gloves are made for and what applications they are designed to be used for.  Gloves like this Husky glove is not designed for heavy duty work.  Now I know they advertise these as being heavy duty gloves, they are not.  If you are using this for roofing, concrete or other heavy duty applications, good luck.  You will get about 2 hours of work out of them before they have holes.

Gloves like the Husky gloves are designed for light duty work such as moving wood, outdoor work like tree trimming or yard work and things along that line.  Once you understand what these gloves are designed for, you will understand when I talk about durability, dexterity, and price.

Husky Impact Glove Review – Durability

Husky Impact Glove Review

Again, as long as you are using these gloves for light work, you will get a lot of use out of them.  While some people left reviews on The Home Depot saying their plastic peeled off, we didn’t experience this.  Again, I am not sure if it was a design flaw or these people were using it for the wrong type of work.

If you are using these gloves to move wood from place to place and other light duty projects, these should hold up fine.  Even if you get a good month of use out of them, it’s not a bad deal for $9.  A small investment to protect your hands.

Husky Impact Glove Review – Dexterity

Husky Impact Glove Review

It’s hard to find a glove that offers protection and dexterity, but the Husky impact gloves offer both.  On the back of the hand, there are rubber pads that will protect the back of your hand.  On the front, there is a plastic coating.  The plastic coating still allows the user to have full control over their hands and even pick up smaller items with the gloves on.

Husky Impact Glove Review – Price

Husky Impact Glove ReviewThe glove retail for around $9.  That’s not a bad investment to protect your hands.  If you are going to be doing a ton of heavy duty work, I would stay away from these gloves.  Any light work, these are great gloves to own as they are not only comfortable but they allow your hands to breath.

Husky Impact Glove Review – Final Thoughts

Overall these are great gloves.  For the price, they are hard to beat.  Home Depot offers some gloves that are similar, but they don’t have the protection on the back of the hand.   If you are moving drywall or material around the jobsite, these are great gloves.  For the homeowner working outside or other light work, these are a great glove to own.  The dexterity and breathable material won’t hamper your work.

Check them out at The Home Depot


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