Husky LED Light Review

Husky LED Light Review

If you walk down the power tool aisle at Home Depot, then you are familiar with Husky.  Husky is a brand that is exclusive to The Home Depot. The brand is targeted towards Homeowners and the professional who doesn’t want to spend a ton of money on tools.  Now if you haven’t worked with a Husky product over the last two years, you might want to take a second look. Husky has really put thought and more time into their products. While they are still inexpensive, the quality has gone up from where it used to be. So let’s jump into the Husky LED Light Review.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

When it comes to handheld lights, Husky has it down. A while back we reviewed the Husky Aluminum Flashlight and loved it. Very tough and the price wasn’t bad. Now they have three new lights in their line up, a round hook light, a clip light, and a headlight.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t need some extra light. Doesn’t matter if the power goes out, your working in a dark space or camping, extra light is good to have.

Husky LED Light Review Features

Husky LED Light Review Overview

The Husky round LED Utility Light is model number 1002 672 636. The light is about 3.5″ wide and 1.75″ thick.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

Even though the light is small, it still has plenty of power. The light puts out 200 lumens which is more than enough to light up a work area.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

The light is protected by rubber overmold and can survive drops from up to 10′.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

On the side of the light, there is a red push button that allows the user to cycle the light from high, low and off.

While you can place the light laying down or standing up, you can also use the integrated hook to hang the light up high. On the back of the light, there are two magnetics that allows you to stick the light on a metal surface.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

The clip light model number is 1002 672 612. The light is also small with a dimension of 3″ wide x 6.25″ tall and 3/4″ thick without the clip.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

As with the round utility light, this light also produces 200 lumens.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

Again there is a red push button that allows the user to cycle through high, low and off with a push of a button.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

While the round light is easy to change the batteries, this light requires a Phillips screwdriver to change the 3-AAA batteries.

The plastic clip located on the back allows the user to stand the light up, clip it to an object or use the magnet to attach to a metal surface.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

The Husky headlight model number is 16FL1108. The light is small and is only 2.5″ wide.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

On top of the light, there is a single push button that is split into two sides. One side will control the white LED light, which produces 300 Lumens. The other side controls the red LED lights.

The white light has three modes, spot, flood and both. The red light has a single flashing mode.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

On the back of the band is where you can change the 4-AAA batteries. Just take off the plastic cover and you have access to the batteries, no tools needed.

For headlight lights, the band is usually the weakest point for these light. While I haven’t used the light a ton, the band does seem like a typical band you find on this type of light.  While it comfortable and easy to adjust the size, it is cloth and is prone to rips and tears.

Husky LED Light Review Performance

I like the round utility light. The fact you can use this in any area and has multip[le ways to place the light, makes it very versatile. The runtime is a little disappointing at 3 hours but it does come with 3-AAA batteries to get you started. Also, they do make changing the batteries easy. You can turn the back of the disk and the cover will come off, so you don’t need any tools to change the batteries.

For the size of the light, I found it very bright and lit up larger areas than I expected.

Out of the three lights, this one is my favorite. While the light is small and I was surprised how much it lights up and area. We used this light a ton for mudding and right before painting. The light is small, lightweight and gives off a lot of light.

Husky LED Light Review Overview

I love the three modes for this light. The 300 lumens is a ton of light and will easily brighten up any dark room. I have to say that it’s pretty comfortable for a headlight light.

Husky LED Light Review Value

I think all three lights are a great value. The round utility light retails for about $10 at The Home Depot, while the clip light is also priced at $10. The headlight is about $5 more which is priced at $15 but still a great value.

I am not much into the headlight style lights, but for those who are, this is not only a great work light but also useful for biking, camping, and more. For $15 how can you really argue?

The other two lights I will be using a lot and for a $20 investment, having these two lights are a good value. For the amount of light they shine and the decent quality, it’s a good investment.

Husky LED Light Review Final Thoughts

Bottom line, these lights are priced right, decent quality and offer a lot of light in a small package. While I wish the runtime was a little longer, I am OK with it considering the price and amount of light they produce.


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