Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review

Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review

Everywhere you look, you can buy some type of flashlight.  In the marketplace, you can find cheap junky lights that are inexpensive or you can find tough, quality lights but you will be paying a lot.  The Husky Flashlight breaks this mold.  They designed a quality light that won’t cost an arm and a leg.  So let’s jump into the Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review.

Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review Overview

Most people recognize the Husky name as it’s an exclusive at The Home Depot.  For me, Husky was always one of those brands I would walk right by and not give a second thought.  However, over the last year, Husky has changed and made me stop and look at their tools everytime I walk by.

We first saw it with their tool storage.  While other companies were making a good tool chest and charging a lot, Husky came along and built a high-quality chest but didn’t rip you off.  We have started to see other products such as their hand tools, compressors, and totes increase in not only quality but features, while not raising the prices.

Today we are seeing another huge move forward with quality and that is with their flashlights.  A while back we reviewed their unbreakable flashlights, but these flashlights have a little different twist to them.  Again, these are a high-quality light, with some great features, but they don’t overcharge you for their lights.

Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review Features

Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review

The flashlight has an aluminum body which not only gives it strength but makes the flashlight lightweight.

Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review

The handle has a diamond pattern which offers more grip for the user.

Both ends of the flashlight have a solid rubber piece to protect the light from drops.  On the front of the light, the rubber piece protrudes to protect the lens cover.

Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review

To turn the light on/off or change modes, you can use the red button located on the back of the light.  I do wish the button was located on the handle so I could operate it with my thumb, but it’s not a huge deal being on the back of the light.

Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review

The light features 500 lumens and has two main lighting areas.  There is a single center LED light.  On the outer part of the light, there is an LED ring that has a bunch of LED lights.

The Husky flashlight has three modes of operation.  You can use it with the center LED light, the ring LED light or both LED lights at the same time.

The ring light (Flood) is a nice soft light that disperses the light in a wide range.  The single LED light (Spot) is a nice, tight, bright beam.

Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review Performance

Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review

We filled up a 5-gallon bucket and placed the flashlight in.  As you can see, it works as advertised.

We drove our F150 over the flashlight and yes it still works.  Well, we knew the flashlight would still work, I was talking about the F150 and I was amazed that still works.

Time and time again we threw the flashlight up about 10′ and let it fall down.  Again, it still worked after these repeated drops.

By the time we were done, the rubber end caps really helped protect the light and lens.  While the aluminum has a bunch of scratches, the light worked perfectly.

Husky Aluminum Flashlight Review Value

The Husky light is priced at $15 at The Home Depot and that is with batteries.  For a flashlight that is bright, has different settings, can take a beating and is waterproof, this is a steal for $15.

Husky Flashlight Review Final Thoughts

Overall this is an awesome flashlight considering the quality and the price.  How can you really go wrong with buying this light?  Heck buy one to keep in your car and the other to keep around the house if the power goes out.  Even if you buy two, you are still paying far less than other lights on the market that offer the same quality as the Husky Aluminum Flashlight.

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