Hilti Power Tools – The Hilti Media Event

Hilti Power Tools - Hilti Media Event

If you are in the trades you have heard of Hilti Power Tools.  Chances are you have even used some of their tools on the jobsite.  For those who may be new to construction or looking to get in the Hilti line of power tools, you should know a couple things about Hilti.

Hilti is designed for the professional tradesman.  Their tools are considered some of the best in the industry and a leader in a variety of categories especially concrete tools.  Hilti is far more than just another power tool sales company, they offer a total Hilti solution, which I will cover in a bit.

Recently, we had a chance to visit their new company headquarters in Texas.  We had a chance to tour their offices and their testing facility.  While I am familiar with Hilti from my days on skyrise construction, I ended up learning a lot about the company and the tools.

Hilti Power Tools – The Hilti Media Event – Overview

Hilti Power Tools - Hilti Media EventBack in the 90’s (Yes, it was a long time ago), I worked for a large contractor that built skyrises in downtown Chicago.  They also remodeled these large buildings.  In fact, during the Chicago flood, I was able to work in the Marshall Fields building and in the old rail tunnels which was an awesome experience.

Most of my time at these places all we used was Hilti.  I was a Labor so my job was to demolish stuff.  If a wall needed to be taken down or a floor needed to be removed, it was my responsibility to get the job done.  Since Hilti is large into concrete I have used a number of their tools over the years.

While the tools have increased in performance and shrunk in weight, the core of the company hasn’t changed.  Not only are they huge into power tools, but also in fasteners, chemicals and more. When I visited Hilti, I had a real eye-opener to the company behind these tools.

Hilti Power Tools – The Hilti Media Event – My Take Away

I know Hilti makes power tools, I know they make fasteners.  I know they make chemicals and I know they have a huge sales force.  I know they are proud of their quality and their front-line innovation.  One thing I never realized was the Hilti solution.

The Hilti Solution

Now they don’t call it the Hilti solution, that was something I took away.  What I mean by the Hilti solution is they are really a company that covers the tradesman and they are the only company out there that covers the tradesman.  No other company can do what Hilti does.

Most companies sell you a tool and that’s it.  Sure, they will back up their tool with a warranty but when it comes to a total solution they just can’t offer you a total solution.  That is to the user.  With Hilti, you can talk with your local rep and get solutions.  Your local rep can help determine the best fastener for the job, the tool to match it and the accessories that make it as easy as possible to complete the job and move on.  Heck even if you don’t have the right drill bit, Hilti can make a custom one for you.

For me, that was the biggest takeaway about Hilti and how Hilti is more than just a company that sells power tools or fasteners or firestops.  They are a company that can help you from step one to step done.  What other company can do that?  Exactly, no one.  Hilti has the products, the people and the technology to get things done.

Hilti Power Tools – The Hilti Media Event – Cool Tools

While we were at the media event, we had a chance to have hands-on with their tools and learn a bunch of other products they offer.  One item that I wish I could show was their firestop testing facility.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures but it was so cool seeing how they test the firestops and how well these products work.  It’s amazing to see how these products can stop the spread of fire and smoke and yes, even save lives.

We also had a chance to see this new fastener that blew me away.  A simple, small fastener that can hold over a ton of pulling force.  If you saw how small this fastener was, you wouldn’t believe it.  Hopefully, Hilti will talk about it soon and have a cool video on how well it works.

Let’s jump into some of the cool new tools we saw.

Hilti Self Priming Pump

Hilti has a self-priming pump that you can attach to your saw.  This is extremely cool and practical because we all know that we can’t always get a hose line to the tool.  Now just fill up a bucket and you’re set to go.  No more dust kicking up during a cut.

Hilti DCH-EX 300

Cutting concrete is easy with the DCH-EX 300.  The blade spins backward which helps the dust collection system become more efficient and remove harmful particles from the air.

Hilti TE 1000-AVR

Busting up concrete is a breeze with the TE 1000-Avr, plus the dust management system does an awesome job at keeping the air clean and free.

Hilti TE 3000-AVR

Want something a little more powerful but same clean air?  Check out the Hilti TE 3000-AVR.

Hilti Sleeve

Total dust management system.  Everything is trapped and sucked up.  No mess, no hassle.

Hilti Diamond Wheels

There really is a difference between diamond blades.  I will cover this in a separate article but it was very interesting to learn about their diamond blades and configurations.

Hilti Levels

Hilti is known for their lasers and we saw some very cool new products and can’t wait to show them off.  One of my favorites is the Hilti PM 40-MG.

Hilti New PD-C

We reviewed the Hilti PD-C.  They now offer an updated new version with some cool features, but we will cover that in a separate review.

Hilti Customize Tool

Want to customize your tool?  Hilti is releasing a cool product that goes between your battery and your tool.  More to come on this cool product.

Hilti Crimpers

Some cool crimpers and cool new tools from Hilti.

Cordless Tools

Hilti Power Tools - Hilti Media Event

Oh yeah, don’t forget about their large line of cordless tools.  Just wait, you will start seeing some cool new tools in their lineup very soon.

Hilti Connect

Hilti connect is very cool and unique.  Can’t wait to put it to the test.

I really wanted to give you a quick rundown  Don’t worry we will cover these tools in greater detail in the near future.  I know you guys always email us about Hilti so want to make sure we give you the best coverage and not cut corners.

Hilti Power Tools – The Hilti Media Event – Wrap Up

We go on a ton of media events each year but the Hilti experience was different.  I not only learned a ton about their products but I learned about them as a company.  This is like no other tool company I have seen before.  The drive, the dedication, the love for their careers and the love for the tradesmen.  Now I can see why Hilti always wins an award for the top place to work for and I can understand why they make some of the best tools and products in the marketplace.  Hilti is more than just a company that sells tools and backs it up with a warranty.  Hilti is the Total Solution.


  1. I own hilti for over 10 yrs and most of my tools are hilti. I have recently purchased the hilti 150 10-XE vacuum and I love it.


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