Bosch Cordless Blower Review

Bosch Cordless Blower Review

Bosch recently released a new 18V blower to their line up.  Now before I move on, this isn’t a leaf blower or designed for landscapers.  This is a jobsite blower designed for quick cleanup such as cleaning off your power tools, cleaning out your trailer or cleaning up your work area when done for the day.  So let’s jump in and take a look at the Bosch Cordless Blower Review.

Bosch Cordless Blower Review Overview

Looking at this blower it may remind you of the Milwaukee compact blower.  Pretty much the same size and same look.  Either way, it doesn’t matter.

This blower is designed to make quick work for messy areas.

Bosch Cordless Blower Review Features

Bosch Cordless Blower Review

The blower is powered by Bosch 18V batteries and provides a decent run time.  According to Bosch, the unit will run for 9 minutes on low per amp hour and 5 minutes on high per amp hour.

So if you are using a Bosch Core Battery you will get about 55 minutes on low and 30 minutes of run time on high.  Not a bad run time considering the demand a blower puts on a battery.

Bosch Cordless Blower Review

The intake is located on the side of the blower which means if you have it against your leg or close to your clothes, it will have a tendency to stick to your side.

The blower puts out 167 mph and has a 71 CFM.  Again for the size of the unit, those are pretty good numbers.

Air Velocity (mph) 167.0 Air Volume (CFM) 71.0

The blower has three modes – off, low and high.  I am sure some people will wish there is a trigger to control the on and off, but using the switch isn’t bad since you can easily access it with your thumb.

Bosch Cordless Blower Review

The handle is fairly slim and has a rubber grip for comfort and better grip.

Bosch Cordless Blower Review

The nozzles twist and lock into place so you don’t have to worry about them falling off while using it or when you bump the nozzle into something else.

Bosch Cordless Blower Review

The blower comes with four attachments.  A hard nozzle, a rubber nozzle, a debris catcher and a small diameter nozzle for blowing out holes.

Bosch Cordless Blower Review

I can’t say I am sold on the small diameter and debris catcher.  Yes, it’s cool and I love the idea but I see two problems.  First, you have to have a really good seal in order to keep all the dust in the collector.  We did find this hard to perform.  Cleaning out a hole was easy but containing the dust was hard.

The main reason I am not a huge fan of the dust collector is because of the new Silica regulation.  When you blow dust and it gets in the air, we breathe this into our lungs.  I would much rather see someone use a Bosch hollow bit with their dust extraction system to protect themselves.

I know some people will love the debris collection, it’s just not for me.

Bosch Cordless Blower Review Performance

For a small size blower, this thing does a decent job.  Again don’t confuse this with a larger leaf blower.  This is designed for quick clean up jobs, not blowing off your lawn.

The unit has more than enough power to clean off your tools, blow out your garage, blow out your trailer or clean up your work area.

I am still not sold on the debris or small nozzle collector.  Yes, it does a great job but when we tried it, you can still see dust escape unless you had it perfectly sealed.  With the new Silica compliance regulation, not sure if that would even be allowed on a job site.  However, it’s still a pretty cool concept.

Overall this performs as advertised.  Lightweight and plenty of power and run time for those specific jobs.

Bosch Cordless Blower Review Value

Bosch offers a decent value for this blower.  I have seen it sold for an average of $80 for the bare tool.  If you aren’t in the Bosch line, not sure if I would pick it up since you would have to invest in at least one battery and a charger.  For those who are in the Bosch line, this is a great value.

Bosch Cordless Blower Final Thoughts

Bottomline, the blower performs as advertised.  This is meant for specific tasks and performs those tasks well.  It’s lightweight and has decent run time.  While I am not sold on the debris catcher, I am sold on the blower to make quick work out of dirty work.


  1. Whilst blower can be used to improve camping fire, I wish it could be used as a vacuum for 4wd camping mattresses. I wish there was an adapter that could be attached at the side.


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