Hilti PD 40 Laser Range Meter


If you have been on any job site, you have probably used or at least seen the name Hilti.  We were very excited when we had a chance to test and review the Hilti PD 40 Laser Range Meter.  Having tools that are durable and accurate are a must, but it is even more important when it comes to distance measuring tools.  If your measurements are off, then be prepared to up your wallet because you are just wasting money and time.



Manufacturer – Hilti

Model – PD 40

Average Purchase Price – $329 (Might have a different price at the Pro Shops)


The Hilti PD 40 is a workhorse when it comes to laser distance measuring tools.  We have seen a lot of them being used by contractors.  One of the main reasons is the ease of use, accuracy and speed.  Oh yeah, not to mention one of the best service supports in the industry.  The overall size of the unit is very nice.  Large enough to see the auto backlight display and use the buttons, but small enough to keep in your tool belt.  The unit is 4.7″ long, 2.6″ wide and only weighs 7.04 oz.  The buttons are a nice size and are spread far enough away from each other to access even with work gloves on.  The unit itself is protected by a nice rubberized edging which not only helps protect the tool, but provides a nice grip.

The meter starts up right away and it’s lightening quick self calibration, makes sure you can start working right away.  The meter has a bunch of sensors that help make this tool great for any job, but there are two that stand out.  First, is the auto sensor backlight.  Perfect for the times your moving from light to dark areas when taking measurements.  Secondly the unit detects when the user extends the extension stick.  So now you don’t have to worry about if you changed the setting on the unit when you took a measurement.  The tool will self adjust and take this equation off the table.

The range of the meter is from 2″ – 650′ with a ± 1/25″ and will take up to 10,000 measurements with its two AA batteries.  As with most other finders, this will also take measurements for square footage.  To use this tool, just aim and point, then press the center button.  You can see your recent and other past measurements on the screen.  Want to add a distance, just click the add button and take another measurement.  Yes, it is that easy and that quick.

Hilti tools are a little more pricey than competitors, but with Hilti, you know you have quality tools with a company that offers some of the best support around.


Hilti PD 40 Laser Range Meter Kit Includes

  • PD 40 Laser Range Meter
  • Soft Pouch
  • 2 “AA” alkaline batteries
  • Hand Strap
  • Instructions


Tool – 2 yr Lifetime service no cost period




  1. I own my own construction company and heard of Hilti. The tools are very expensive and can only buy them at a certain HD. To this day no one has told me why I should pay more when I can get a Bosch or Dewalt for less. I am sure there is a reason, but doesn’t seem like anyone know. I have had employees tell me to buy these tools, but it is my money, not theirs. Now I see why you guys don’t review Hilti, you would go broke. I like your Dewalt 20v review and upgraded a bunch of tools. Moved from Bosch to the Dewalt and so far very happy.

  2. Gary, I am the same way, I do not know much about Hilti and the price is crazy. Eric raves about them, but I have never checked them out. They might be the best thing since sliced bread lol


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