WeatherTech ClearFrame – F-150 EcoBoost Project


Having a new vehicle is great, the only thing I don’t like about having new a car is that the dealer thinks that you want to advertise all over town for them.  They include cheesy license plate frames that look like crap with their name on it.  There are some other options out there, but a lot are just cheap and do not hold up to the test of time.

WeatherTech has an indestructible plate frame designed to last the life of your vehicle.  It is made from a Eastman Durastar Polymer.  A rubber Multi-Flex gasket on the back eliminates any rattles.  The kit comes with a stainless steel fastener kit so it won’t rust, this is huge if you ever have to remove the plates.  As you can see from the pictures, the dealer did not use quality hardware which is why a 7 month old truck has rusty screws on it!

The ClearFrame has plastic caps to cover the screws and give a sleek look.  WeatherTech provides a 3 year warranty with the frame and is made right here in the USA!  They come in a variety of different colors, Check out WeatherTech




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