Hilti Nuron Drills

Hilti Nuron Drills

I would like to start by saying I am sorry.  I am not a salesman and not trying to sell you Hilti tools.  This just happens to be one of the brands I am extremely passionate about and love.  They have never let me down, I love the power and performance, plus so much more.  So when I am talking about these tools, I am coming from a place of excitement, I’m honestly NOT giving you a sales pitch.  So let’s jump in and take a look at the Hilti Nuron Drills.

Hilti Nuron Overview

Before we jump into the drills, you might want to take a couple of minutes and read our article on the Hilti Nuron system so you can get a better understanding of the platform. And you might even check out what Hilti has to say about their Nuron cordless platform.

The Nuron platform isn’t just a rebrand or marketing scheme.  Hilti Nuron is a legit, huge upgrade to an already top-of-the-line tool system that makes your job easier, faster, smarter, and safer.

Hilti Nuron SF 6H-22

As we get into the Hilti Nuron Drills, I first want to highlight a user-oriented feature both of these drills provide, the Active Torque Control (ATC).

This is a huge safety feature for the user.  How ATC works is let’s say your drill binds up.  Normally you just have to hang on tight, and then later you’ll probably need to ice your arm, wrist, and shoulder.  With ATC, no longer will you need a doctor or ice.  Once the drill senses uncontrolled torque movement such as binding, the drill will shut down to prevent injury.  For me, this is a huge addition to drills.  Best of all, this type of safety advancement isn’t just on the Hilti drills.  Wait until you see what they did with their grinders and 3D sensing.  But for now, let’s jump into the Hilti Nuron Drills.

Hilti Nuron SF 4H-22 Drill Features

The Hilti SF 4H-22 is considered the everyday, all-day drill for the majority of your tasks.  The drill offers 314 in-lb (soft joint), and 549 in-lb (hard joint) for torque. The drill is lightweight at only 2.9 lbs.

Hilti Nuron SF 4H-22

The all-metal chuck has a clamping range of 1/16″ to 1/2″.

Hilti Nuron SF 4H-22

For me, I love the handle and the rubber over-mold.  Very comfortable and has a good size grip that isn’t too big or too small.

A user can change the speed settings on top of the drill.

  • Gear 1 (0 – 610 RPM)
  • Gear 2 (0 – 2,100 RPM)

There are 15 torque settings plus a drill mode and hammer drill mode, which can easily be changed on the front.

Hilti Nuron SF 4H-22 Drill Performance

I am still amazed this is considered your everyday drill.  Yes, the drill is small and lightweight (especially for a hammer drill), and yet it is extremely powerful (like you need from a hammer drill). As you can see, we ran large spade bits, auger bits, and more.  While most drills have a hard time doing these tasks on Speed 2, this Hilti Nuron drill was able to do most of them on Speed 2 without a problem.  For the tougher applications, Speed 1 ran through everything with ease.

Hilti Nuron SF 6H-22 Drill Features

If you need something that is a little more powerful, then you can grab the Hilti SF 6H-22 which is a little bigger but has more power to tackle those bigger jobs.  The Hilti SF 6H-22 offers 575 in-lb (soft joint), 752 in-lb (hard joint).  For all the extra power, you’re only jumping up the weight a little as this weighs in at 3.7 lbs.

Hilti Nuron SF 6H-22

This drill also has a metal locking chuck that has a clamping range of 1/16″ to 1/2″.

Hilti Nuron SF 6H-22

As with the 4H drill, this has the same comfortable handle and over-mold rubber grip.

The 6H offers a two gear selection mode with the following stats:

  • Gear 1 (0 – 490 RPM)
  • Gear 2 (0 – 2000 RPM)

The torque setting offers 15 different positions with a drill-only mode and a hammer mode.

Hilti Nuron SF 6H-22 Drill Performance

Talk about power, this is one bad boy and will outwork any drill in its class.  That is not their claim, that is my claim.  I absolutely love this drill.  We ran large hole saws, large spade bits, and even mixed concrete with this drill.  I was amazed at the power to size ratio for this drill, absolutely awesome.

Hilti Nuron Drills Wrap Up

Again I am sorry if I sound like a salesman in this article, I am trying not to.  However, I just love how Hilti made such a great platform with some awesome features for these drills. The ATC and power make these my favorite drills on the market, hands down.  Having a single platform to run all my tools, the extra safety features, and knowing if there is a problem, I won’t have downtime, makes these drills worth every penny.  The 4H is priced at $109 and the 6H is priced at $179.  Again for me, this is a no-brainer.



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