Hart Outdoor Power Tools

Hart Outdoor Power Tools

When it comes to power tools, who is your go-to company?  Well, the answer will almost always vary, especially between a professional and a homeowner on who their go-to power tool manufacturer might be.  If you are a homeowner, why would you ever want to buy professional power tools?  Sure, there are some homeowners who will benefit from the extra cost but most homeowners don’t want to pay a premium when they know their tools will sit around on the shelf most of the year. But as a homeowner, I don’t want budget tools that will only cause frustration down the road.  I want good value.  I want tools that can do more than I expect but won’t cost a lot.  I want a large line of tools that I can grow into but don’t want to clean out my bank account.  This brings me to HART tools and HART outdoor power tools.

Who is HART?

HART is a line of tools that was released exclusively to Walmart.  The HART brand was launched in 2019 and has been a hit ever since.  Now if you are like me, I am a little cautious with new power tool companies for a lot of reasons.

I am a little cautious because I have seen companies come and go.  I don’t want to invest in a line only for it to be gone in a year and now I am the one hung out to dry.  I am also cautious because I know creating a line of power tools takes a big investment so I am always worried if corners have been cut to get new tools to market.  Lastly, I know battery technology isn’t an easy application and can be tricky.  So do new batteries go through testing and can they last for the long haul?

With that said when HART tools and HART outdoor power tools came out in 2019, I did some research to make sure HART is a company I would recommend to our readers, viewers, and friends.  So if you have some of the same worries, let me tell you what I found out and what I know about HART.

HART may be a new line of power tools but the company behind HART is anything but new.  HART is made by TTI (Techtronic Industries Company Limited).  This is the same company that makes Milwaukee Tools for the professional, they make RYOBI tools, RIDGID tools, and more.  TTI is a large company in this industry and they have a long history.  So knowing this, I don’t have to worry about cut corners or how well the batteries will hold up.  In fact, I know TTI tests its tools beyond what a user would put them through to make sure they will last.  I also know TTI will make great batteries that will last and they will not cut corners.  They have been making batteries and testing them for decades so they have the knowledge.  So when it comes to the tools themself, I am 100% behind HART tools and HART outdoor power tools, and I know and understand that they are the real deal when it comes to tools and the company behind them.  So you can put your reluctance behind you.

Next, will Walmart stand behind the tools and keep this line going?  We all know Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the US and when they set their mind to it, they see it through.  From all my research, Walmart is 100% dedicated to making its house brand a huge success.  While it’s not an easy task to get a new brand to market, this is something they believe in and want to make successful.  Two things point me in the direction that they are all in.

First, they have been going since 2019 so they are starting to build their history.  Second, their line has been growing like crazy which means they aren’t slowing down.  As you will see below, they are releasing some very cool HART Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) tools.  What I see different with HART is they are not trying to do one solution for all.  They are creating different products for different uses.  As an example, take their chainsaws.  Most companies might just create one chainsaw and say here you go.  Well, HART and Walmart are not taking that approach.  They offer around five different solutions, from a small saw to a large 16″ bar chainsaw.  So to me, that shows that they truly want to dominate this market and this line is here to stay.

I don’t have any issues and actually love the marriage of Walmart and HART.  Both companies have a long history and are dedicated to making a great line of tools for the homeowner.  So let’s jump into some of their newer tools for 2022.

HART Outdoor Power Tools

When it comes to OPE power tools, HART has a large line of tools to offer.  With that said, I would like to start off by talking about one of the corner stones to any OPE line of tools, their mowers.

First up is their new riding lawnmower.  Yes, you heard me right, they offer a battery-powered riding lawn mower that also has bagging capabilities along with some cool features.

The 30″ riding lawnmower is designed to cut up to one acre of grass on a single charge.  The unit has three brushless motors which means it’s efficient and quiet at the same time.  Charge time is only two hours using a 120V outlet, which is a standard outlet.

There is a single height adjustment allowing the rider to adjust the cut height from 1.5″ to 4.5″.  The rider has a 16-degree turning radius meaning you can get around almost any object in your yard with ease.

One cool feature is the Bagger Boost.  As you can see on the side, there is a small air inlet.  If your chute gets clogged at all, just hit a button and the unit will push air through the bagging tube to help unclog the tube.

Next in the lineup is their new push mower, which is another mower added to their large line of push mowers.  The new Made in the USA mower is a 21″ self-propelled mower that is designed to cut up to 3/4 of an acre.  The unit is powered by a single 40V 6Ah battery.  A cool feature is that the mower will hold two batteries so if one is depleted, just turn the key and the other battery will kick in and you can finish the job.

There is a single height adjustment and it offers side discharge, bagging, and mulching mode as well.

There are a few of the things that impressed me about this mower, first the power.  We ran through some thick, tall grass and this mower never bogged down, I was amazed.  Second, I love the square side handles.  For some reason, these just make this mower feel so much smoother and sturdier than the round tubes.  All in all, this is a great mower, plus it’s made in the US so that is even more of a reason to jump on this mower.

Hart Outdoor Power Tools

When it comes to chainsaws,  with HART outdoor power tools you have multiple options to choose from, which I love.  While they all have their place and provide a solution to various problems, the 16″ inch is a powerhouse.  We cut through some logs and this bad boy never struggled.

I’m not going to go into each one as they all have their unique purpose and specs.  But you should just take a look at the HART line of chainsaws.

As with their chainsaws, they offer multiple options of blowers and vacuums.  Again, when using these blowers I was surprised at not only the power but how they felt like quality blowers.  The triggers were not loose and the noise wasn’t overwhelming.  All in all, these are great blowers.

Their hedgers were a surprise to me because I figured they would be like most other companies and only have a single solution.  As you guessed, I was wrong.  Again they offer both 20V and 40V, plus they have some cool features.  Take the 40V hedger for example.  The handle will turn so you are never in an awkward cutting position.  Plus it has a large cutting diameter.  And get this, if you do have an issue where the branch gets stuck in the cutting channel, it will reverse to get you free.  Seems to me, that these two features are usually only for professional hedgers, so it’s cool to see them on homeowners’ hedgers.

When it comes to string trimmers and edgers, there is no lack of options. Both 20V and 40V options are available.  I am not going into all the options for these two HART outdoor power tools, but a string trimmer is a must-have OPE tool and I am happy to see HART has several options for the homeowner to choose from.

Hart Outdoor Power Tools

So this is something I wasn’t expecting, an auger.  You can go into the stats and see more but I did want to mention the fact there is an auger in the lineup because it shows the dedication to this line.  An auger is a niche tool that most people will not need to buy.  However, there are a bunch of people who will need this tool for fencing, planting trees, ice fishing, and more.  When I see a company start adding niche tools, I know they are in it for all the right reasons.

Our Take on HART and HART Outdoor Power Tools

As I noted earlier, I love how Walmart and HART are all in.  Both companies have a great history and I truly feel like they want to dominate the homeowner market.  As you can see with just their OPE line of tools, it’s not one product to try and solve all problems because as we know, that never turns out great.  In fact, they create multiple products in each category so the homeowner can find the best product to fit their needs.

When you have a company like Walmart, you know you’re not going to pay a hefty premium.  Walmart has always been dedicated to keeping costs down for its customers.  I think HART is the perfect fit because the prices are great but the quality is a lot more than what I expected.  So in the end you get a great value with the HART tools and HART outdoor power tools.

HART Wrap Up

Bottom line, if you are a homeowner and want to grow into a line of power tools and OPE tools, HART is a great option.  They are quality tools for the homeowner and won’t break the bank.  With HART tools and HART outdoor power tools available exclusively at Walmart, you can pick them up anywhere since Walmarts are pretty much located all over the United States.  If they don’t have it at the store, take a look online as they offer a lot more SKU’s online.  Again what’s nice is how many products they have in their 20V and 40V line of tools so you can grow your line of affordable and quality tools.



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