Helpful Tips 101


Over the years we have heard some pretty cool tips and tricks we thought we would share with you.  We haven’t tried them all, so use at your own risk.

If you know some good tips or tricks for easy fixes, drop us a line or leave a comment below and share with everyone.

Tip 1 – Fix a Squeaky Floor

For a quick fix, sprinkle talcum power or powered graphite between boards and that should do the trick.  This will only work for a short time.  So if your wife says you never do anything around the house, try this trick and prove her wrong.  Just don’t let her see how easy the fix was.  This should buy you a couple extra weeks of sitting on the couch.

Tip 2 – Remove Blood from Fabric

Removing fresh blood stains from fabric isn’t too hard.  Just make a paste with water and talcum powder, let it sit on the spot.  When it dries, just brush it away.  This sounds a lot better than how I used to remove stains from my clothes.  I used scissors.

Tip 3 – Clean Wood Furniture and Floors

Boil some fresh tea and let it cool.  Dip a rag in the tea and wipe your wood clean.  Once it dries, buff your wood with a clean cloth.  Actually this all sounds pretty dirty.

Tip 4 – Sand Curves in Furniture

Wrap a tennis ball with sandpaper and this will allow you to create a nice finish on your curves.  Who thought tennis balls weren’t just for your antenna on your car, now they actually have two uses.

Tip 5 – Remove Water Rings from Wood Furniture

Mix equal parts of vinegar and olive oil.  Apply it with a clean cloth and rub with the grain of the wood.  Use another clean cloth to shine it up.  Sounds pretty cool.  I will teach this one to my wife, right after I pack my bags.

All Time Tip

If it is supposed to move and doesn’t, use WD-40.  If it moves and isn’t supposed to move, then use duck tape.


  1. To remove stains (pet, food, etc.), I’ve found that a pump spray product called Nature’s Miracle is really good. It is enzyme-based, so it removes urine and many other troublesome stains. Awhile back, I had to clean up a glass of spilled grape juice on the carpet. After first sopping up most of it with paper towels, there was still a horrible mess. Spraying on Nature’s Miracle and moderate scrubbing removed the rest of it; within fifteen minutes, there was no sign of the grape juice. Available at pet stores (Petco, PetSmart), Lowes, etc.


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