Porter Cable PCL120MTC-2 12V Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit


We thought the corded version of this tool was the cat’s meow, we even gave it an award. Well now we have our hands on the cordless version, will it be able to hold up to its corded sibling?

Manufacturer – Porter Cable

Model -PCL120MTC-2

The tool-less accessory change is one of the best on the market and as easy to operate as pulling a trigger.  The tool itself is compact and slim.  A rubber over molded grip at the base and top of the unit provides a comfortable solid grip.  On the left is a rotary thumb dial to select your speeds from  7,500-15,000 opm.  On the top is an over-sized power switch that is easily operated with gloves on.  For dark work conditions the LED light on the front comes in handy.  The tool-less accessory change is a simple plastic trigger like mechanism that you pull to swap out your accessories.

Control of the tool was good, it is light weight at 2 lbs and its compact size helped us flush cut a sub floor under a cabinet toe kick.  We also cut some trim with the tool.  As with all Multi-Tools you can burn through battery packs and blades quickly, this too is no exception.  The unit has plenty of power to accomplish almost any task and run-time varies depending on the task.  We did notice some vibration transferred through the handle, although we have seen worse.  You can only use Porter Cable accessories with this tool.

Any Multi-Tool accessories are like shaving razors, they never seem to last and are expensive, so in a kit like this more is good!  Ok while I am on the subject of blades, the depth measurements printed on the blades never last for more than a few cuts before they are wiped away.  Included with this kit is a bag, two 12V lithium batteries, a 30 min charger an assortment of blades, scrapers, sanding pads and even a rasp for removing grout.  Overall it is a well rounded kit for the home owner.  Porter Cable covers this tool with a 3 year warranty.


Voltage: 12 V

Amps: Amps

Battery Type: Lithium

Oscillations Per Minute: 7,500-15,000

Oscillating Angle: 2.8 Degrees

TOOL-FREE SYSTEM™ Accessory Change: YES


Blade Type:

Weight: 2.0 lbs

Shipping Weight: 5.5 lbs


PCL120MTC-2  Includes:
Owners Manual
The PCL120MTC-2 includes PCL120MT 12V Max Multi-Tool, (2) PCL12BLX 12V Lithium Ion batteries, (1) PCL12C 12V 30 min. charger, (1) wood end-cut blade, (1) wood/metal end-cut, (1) half-segment wood blade, (1) carbide grout blade, (1) sanding platen, (24) sandpaper sheets, (1) rigid scraper, (1) flexible scraper, (1) storage accessory box, (1) storage bag.



  • 3 Year



How to Sharpen Oscillating Blades

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  1. Dan–I have the corded version of this tool; works really well. Regarding vibration, all brands have it because of the way in which the tool works. However, it may be worse with the cordless version as the battery power wears down. You’re more likely to push harder as the battery loses power, and that’s what causes the problem. Instead of oscillating back and forth, the force is instead transferred back through the tool into the user’s hand(s). Less force out also means less work is accomplished; it’s a vicious circle. That’s the reason I don’t like most battery-powered versions of corded tools. My one exception is cordless drills. As for vibration in general, you can wear anti-vibe gloves and/or take more frequent breaks.

    • Thanks for the feedback Steve. Your right about the vibration, but some tools do better than others. This is actually one of my favorite multi tools. I love the quick change, It is so handy!

  2. Can anyone give me a link to a replacement sanding platen for this PCL120MT? I’ve looked everywhere I can and no luck. I would rather not use e-bay if I can avoid it.


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