Happy New Year & Our Resolution to You

Chicago New Year's Even Fireworks

Well, we made it! The ball has dropped, 2023 is gone and 2024 is here. Happy New Year to you, our readers and followers. Thank you for another great year. You are the reason why Dan and I get to wake up every day and go play with tools. Because we owe you so much, we made a New Year’s resolution that we want to share with you.

Our resolution is to not just continue, but to work harder to bring you the best content related to the world of power tools and beyond.

But after we nap, of course. We stayed up late. We’ve enjoyed a lot of time with our friends and family. We’ll be back to our scheduled programming this Wednesday.

Help Us With Our New Year’s Resolution

We have tons of exciting articles, videos, shorts and more planned for you this year. But help us serve you. LEAVE A COMMENT about what content you like most, what tools you’re most excited about, or tell us straight out what content you’d like to see from us.

We appreciate your help with our New Year’s resolution. As a thank you, here is some help with yours. Here’s an article on 7 Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution – yes, we’re using these tips too!

One more time, thank you. See you Wednesday.


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