What is a “Prosumer”?


If you’ve read a few articles of ours then you may have seen us throw around the term “prosumer”. But what does that even mean? What is a “prosumer” and am I one? Are you one? Lucky for you, we’re going over this term and its impact in the tool world.

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What is a Prosumer?

We like the definition that a prosumer is “an amateur who purchases equipment with quality or features suitable for professional use.” For us, a prosumer isn’t someone who is going to grab whatever tool is on the shelf or on sale. No, a prosumer will weigh the options, study brands, and select a tool brand, and process carefully. A prosumer may not work in the skilled trades, but they approach their projects with the same level of professionalism as a full-time skilled trade professional.

A prosumer is a professional mindset but in the everyday consumer. They don’t take unnecessary shortcuts. If they are building something they want it to last, and the tools and methods they choose reflect this.

We believe that the majority of our readers and viewers are prosumers if not skilled trade professionals. This includes beginners who don’t own a tool, yet. Because you don’t have any experience, but care about the quality of your craftsmanship when the time comes.

Do you think you might be a prosumer? We put together a short list of qualities of a prosumer regardless of your age and experience.

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5 Qualities of a Prosumer

Here are five top qualities found in most prosumers. These qualities are the driving force behind advances in new tools and technology.

You Study Tools & Brands

As we mentioned earlier, a prosumer is not going to buy a tool simply because it’s cheap, on sale, or just exists. A prosumer takes time to research a brand or at least ask for recommendations from individuals they respect and trust.

Prosumers also study tools to make sure they are right for their projects. This looks like reading articles and reviews, going over each tool’s features, or getting recommendations.

You Research Before You Work

Especially if you’re trying something new, you pause and take time to read up on a project or watch videos from professionals. This can take a few minutes or it can take a few weeks. Either way, you don’t start until you feel confident about what you need to do to complete a project.

You Persevere Through Trial & Error

“Most projects require at least three trips to the hardware store.” This is a quote I’ve heard over and over again from my dad. You can’t know everything and not all (or any) projects go according to plan. However, prosumers generally don’t get defeated when things derail.

Not only do prosumers persevere through the trial and error process, but they sometimes enjoy it. They like the challenge of figuring out what went wrong and how to solve it.

You’re Proud of Your Projects

Prosumers are not only proud of their work, they stand by it, whether they fixed a leaky faucet or built a custom piece of furniture. Yeah, maybe making your own table saved you some money. But not necessarily because there wasn’t anything cheaper. But because your own handiwork built you a better quality table compared to one you could buy for a similar price.

You Enjoy Construction

Despite the frustrations, hammering your thumb, the hours spent, the sweat dripped, you enjoy these construction projects. You may say “never again” or that you’ll hire someone in the future. But when it comes down to it, you’re always eager to get back to building and fixing.

Do any of these sound like you? Congrats! You just may be a prosumer.

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Top Prosumer Brands

Here are some top brands that cater to prosumers.

These brands and more professional quality tools while keeping them accessible to everyday consumers. Some brands definitely cost more than others which may influence which brands you go with. However, all of these tools are commonly used by skilled trade professionals, craftsmen and women, and professional DIY’ers.

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Are YOU a Prosumer?

So, what do you think? Do you match the description of a prosumer? Disagree with us? Tell us in the comments what you think a prosumer is along with your top prosumer brands.


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