Get Snow Off Your Roof – The Easy Way


I have never had to climb up on my roof to remove snow. I have a bad enough time as it is climbing a ladder and being on a roof in the summer let alone winter.  Recently I came across this video of a device making roof snow removal a breeze. It looks to work like a charm, but look out below.
Check out a similar snow removal tool over at Amazon.


  1. I think it’s crazy to remove the snow off your roof. The only time I would be worried is if you get ice dams from poor insulation, or you got so much snow the weight of it would be an issue. In my experience it blows off or melts off pretty quick. You have to do it only in a situation like Boston where they go 7 feet of snow.

  2. This is a cool device. I can see using one on garage to get snow off if & when we get feet of snow. We really don’t get snow like that here in Chicago. Laters TIA


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