Dewalt 40V XR Lawn Tools Spotted For Sale Down South


I guess Dewalt is either doing a test release, or they got their shipment of tools in earlier than expected. RickyMCgrath from the Power Tool Forum spotted the Dewalt 40x XR tools at his local Lowe’s store in Texas. The only thing is they don’t have bare tools for sale, only complete kits right now. Lowe’s also has the tools on their webpage now to order if you can’t wait to get them localy. Lowe’s will ship the item to you or to the local store of your choice.


Dewalt 40V Yard Tools at Lowes

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  1. Yes sir. They’re here at a Lowes in the San Antonio area. Nice product – not cheap… I would like to see a comparison between the Greenwork 40v like products.

  2. I’m sure these are much more powerful than the 20v outdoor lawn tools, but I’m more excited to see the 20v versions released. I honestly wish that instead of coming out with an additional line, Dewalt could have found a way to use dual 20v batteries instead. Water under the bridge now I suppose. In the end, I’m quite happy to see yet another manufacturer, take the leap into battery powered outdoor lawn equipment, and I look forward to seeing this tested my friends at Tools In Action.


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