Lenox Gold Power Arc Curved Reciprocating Saw Blades


We visit the job site a lot.  We always want to get  feedback from the tradesman about what tools and accessories they use.  One name we kept hearing and seeing was Lenox reciprocating saw blades.  Contractors do not like to spend money on accessories, they want ones that last and perform for a good price.

We checked out the new Power Arc blades from Lenox.  The curved design optimizes the angle of attack thus producing faster cuts.  The demolition blade for nail embedded wood flew through a 2×4 with nails in our tests.  You couldn’t even feel the nails, it just cut right through like butter.  We also used the metal-cutting blades which lasted quite a while when cutting through mild steel.  The blades have a titanium coating to help dissipate heat and prolong blade life.

Overall we were impressed with the performance of the new blades.  Check them out via Amazon.



  1. I want to see these blades put through the trailer hitch ball test that you guys did with the new Diablo carbide blades. Use the same m18 fuel sawzall and put those blades head to head. I want to make sure I’m buying the best blade for my consumer dollar!

  2. Yeah most of Lenox’s blades are very well made, they fell of the radar there for a while when Diablo and Bosch started unleashing better stuff, but this is a very welcome sign. Lenox makes good stuff usually. I agree I’d love to see the head to head competition with these versus Diablo’s.

  3. I used Lenox rep saws for sometime & have always found them very durable. I have recently been trying the Diablo saws & they are awesome. We do have to run out of our supply of Lenox saw blades, but I’m in no rush replace them with any other brand yet. Laters TIA


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