Win a New Gen5X RIDGID Kit


The new RIDGID 5x kit is awesome and drumming up a lot of buzz.  It will be in stores soon, but you have a chance to win it from Tools In Action.  All you have to do is watch the video below and leave a comment in the video on Youtube.


  1. That is a great set I would like to see how it holds up against my Milwaukee and the Dewalt ones the guys at work have! Rigid is definitely getting more competitive! Great video and awesome giveaway guys!

  2. I would use everything in the kit except for the circular saw.looks like a good kit,what’s the store price gonna be? Rigid s been around a long time, i would buy rigid before i would buy Dewalt. Not brushless thats the only thing i see that i dont like.

  3. Nice!!! Would love to get my hands on a set. Ridgid tools are very nicely built.
    Up until recently I have been a Makita fan, but after using a set of X4’s (Not mine) Ridgid has defiantly won me over…….
    As for my own power tools…. well, I do not own a single cordless drill with a good battery…… A Ridgid drill/impact set is definitely my next purchace…?

  4. Cool beans man, I would like to know how their warranty works. You know I remember watching these two tool goofs on youtube talk about how one of their Milwaukee radios stopped working and they were going to do a video series on the warranty programs of each manufacture… If only those guys weren’t total tool goofs and could deliver on that sweet video series.

    • You have to register right after you purchase (30, 60, or 90 days, I don’t remember). If you have a bad battery, many Home depots (ones with tool rental) can check and swap batteries in store.

  5. Great job guys, looks like a real cherry kit. I have always loved Ridgid’s plumbing tools but never a big fan of their other tools, but it looks like they are and have been improving on their cordless line of power tools over the years.

  6. Just love the new improvements made to the new 5x series. Thanks for showing us the quick look at the new gen for ridgid 18 v combo kit . I am so stoked about the three speed on the impact gun and the full 7&1/4″ circ saw . Can’t wait to try them out .

  7. I have lots of tools, but only one Ridgid item, a shop vacuum. It really sucks! in spite of the fact that it is very lonely. Most of my other tools have relatives nearby. I have a draw full of Gearhead wrenches, a whole set of SK sockets that my Dad gave me many years ago, a pair of Hozan screwdrivers (they look like twins). You get the picture. I was broken-hearted for my Ridgid shop vac when I saw this YouTube video. It had served me faithfully for so many years. It works so hard, but no one thing nearby that it can call its own. ;( ;( ;(

  8. Long time listen, first time caller. Lol. That puts to shame my 6 year old 14v dewalt drill that doesn’t hold a charge anymore. I would love to have a complete system like that to use around our new house.

  9. Getting back into the HVAC trade after 12 years of teaching it. My cordless batteries have all died from lack of use. Sure could use this kit!

  10. Ridgid makes very well thought out tool designs, cant wait to use the new kit. The drill light is awesome. I have almost every tool they make. Cant wait for the sander too!!

  11. That set looks AMAZING!!! really would love that be a nice upgrade from my kobalt set a currently have… have not been impressed with them.. would be an awesome way to start my third year of apprenticeship looks like it would set me up nicely!!!!! 😀

  12. I thought I finally made a 18v choice about half a month ago, but now I am debating that. This kit looks pretty sweet. I had Ridgid 24v set years ago, and was happy with it. Always wish I kept that, but this looks like it could be a sweet upgrade.

    You guys are quite entertaining. Regular ole joes enjoying tools at it’s best.

    I decline the circular saw ride!

  13. Awesome set.. Really like how Rigid has stepped up their game. The led on the drill is amazing they seem to have put a lot of thought into this whole set. Looking forward to seeing the workup video you guys do for this set. Just moved into a new house that is a fixer upper this Rigid set could really be put to good use.. Thx for keeping up the kickass videos for the tool lover in all of us..

  14. The amount of excitement over that flashlight was epic. those 4.0Ah batteries are epic. One of these days ill win something but whoever gets this is gonna be especially happy.

  15. My husband is remodeling part of our house and his power tools are TERRIBLE I would love to give him this set for his birthday on the 26th of march!!! But if I don’t win I’ll just continue to watch your videos! Always makes me laugh (:

    Thanks TIA!!! You guys to an awesome job!!!

  16. That set up is a move up for Ridgid.Nice to see a company doing everything to be better and get better quality tools on the market. Way to go Ridgid.

  17. Ridgid has such a great warranty. Those LED lights on the chuck are sick!!!
    P.S. Did you guys get white or gray TIA shirts yet?

  18. The 80volt chainsaw i can see that for around the house lite duty cutting, but not out on a camping trip unless you ve got a generator or as they call it pro .i think the people at stihl would scoff at those claims.

  19. I have used Rigid tools and equipment for over 20 years. This set looks great. However, it wadwould look and be even better in my hands in my shop or worksite.

  20. Man!!!! A cordless ORBITAL reciprocating saw would awesome!!! The whole set looks perfect for someone who just bought a house and very few old under powered tools(like me).

  21. I would love to get those! My boyfriend had all his tools stollen from our shed, so this would be awsome to have. We are both full time students, so we can’t really afford to get new ones.

  22. Wow! What a sweet set! Got a sonicrafter and shop vac that you guys once reviewed, and happy with them. Keep on reviewing!! This set would surely be a great blessing as I fix my fixer upper!

  23. Hey, I need a replacement for my antique milwaukee 18 volt ni-cad kit. Maybe I will have to break down buy a new li-on set.Thanks for showing us this. Perfect set for an old electrician

  24. I’ve never used Ridgid power tools. The prices are good, but I’m always afraid of getting myself in trouble if I were to buy the Lowe’s or HD store brand. But I am due for som new drills, so I’d love the opportunity to win your giveaway and see what I might be missing.

  25. Ridgid is bringing out better tools.

    However, the lifetime warranty on batteries is not as easy as taking it to the store for an exchange. If you live close to a authorized service center, not Home Depot, it is good. If not, you need to ship it, wait for a while for a return battery. Could be weeks.
    I live about 25 minutes from a service center, (1 hr. 40 min-for two round trips) and not only to take my battery in, but the charger and drill motor. They said they needed to test all three to make sure it was a battery issue and not the charger or tool.

    If you have to ship all three items that could cost? Being without the charger for you other tools is the downfall.

  26. ridgid great brand & warranty,ergo friendly,powerful & long battery. what i like the best is the light on tools always wanted & needed a great light on my cordless tools

  27. Love my Ridgid tools. Currently have 3 18 volt, 1 12 volt, contractor saw, angle grinder, and multiple plumbing tools. Great product!

  28. My shop has slowly turned Ridgid orange over the last 15 years – this set would add to the effect. I am impressed with the sheer range of tools in this set and the power now available.

  29. Rigid 5x Kit. I’ve never owned Rigid tool yet, but I hear that they are pretty solid. The reciprocating saw would definitely be a great addition to my tools (never used one yet). I mostly have old Craftsman and Black & Decker power tool that I got from yard sales but nothing new. Some I’ve had to repair to use them so new power tools would be great. I need something to do since I’ve been disabled so I’m getting into woodworking as a way to keep myself occupied. I’m also checking out PVC Project ideas.

  30. First time I have seen the new GenX5. Lights are the most notable improvement. I would love to add this kit to my short list of tools. Keep up the good work.

  31. I bought a nicad porter cable combination set simular to that, I screwed up. It’s worthless! My rigid metal cut off saw and rigid 6.5 hp shop vac with blower is awesome. Love the rigid line. That Sawzall would be extremely useful in rehabbing my old house. Great video.

  32. Currently using Craftsman products but have had opportunity to use Rigid table saw and other tools all seemed very well built and sturdy and had smooth operation would love chance to try the upgraded models….warranty is great maybe Sears needs to watch their six…..Jack Wilton

  33. Based on what was read from the box the tools are ready for serious use. The 7 1/4 circa saw is a definite plus over the usual 6 1/2’s. I have an old 19.2 volt 7 1/4 made by the parent Co. that was good at the time but can’t compare to this one. The run time on the LED light is very good and the pivoting head will make it very useful. The drill LEDs will really help when precision drilling is required, especially in low light situations/in cabinets. Not sure if the three speeds on the impact are needed but I can see where they could come in handy. The recip saw looks like it will be ahead of others when careful demo is called for instead of just ripping everything out. It looks they have improved the ergonomics as well. That was my only issue with Ridgid tools in the past.

  34. I’m actually really excited to see some really cool innovative features in a budget minded brand. I had all these tools from Milwaukee and my car was broken into last summer and they caught the jersey who stole them but the tools were long gone. The police did find some stolen Milwaukee tools but they weren’t mine. I have three beautiful daughter’s who love learning the trade. Lol. I hate to give a sap story but I really have watched and enjoyed watching your videos and have spent a LOT OF time on your site as a escape from stress. You guys seem like normal down to earth fellas and that is what keeps people coming back. We love tools and you guys have filled a niche that I would love keep it up!

  35. The 3 speeds on the Impact driver and the continuous ring LED light on the hammer drill are awesome features, but my favorite feature might be the 7&1/4″ inch blade on the circular saw if it has as much power as my old Ridgid saw with 6&1/2″ blade. I would love to try this set out. Thanks for offering it guys!

  36. The new X5 kit looks awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on them, the display ones at Home Depot. They are out of my bank account’s reach for a long while.

  37. The more I use RIDGID tools the more I like them. As far as I know their existing 18v impact driver is already best in class for torque at around 1700 in/lbs. This gen 5 must be amazing with 2000 in/lbs!

  38. I would be interested in a review of the 7 1/4 in saw. How many 2/4 will it cut? Looks like a great set but needs a comprehensive review so you can compare it against the other brands.

  39. Hey , that’s one real nice tool set ( RIDGID GEN5X Next Generation Tool Kit R9652 ). I have one Ridgid tool. the air stapler and I like it. Thanks for showing it!!

  40. Very impressive set of tools. Complete set for remodeling projects and compact to fit in the box in the back of my truck. Four hour battery to last all day since there are two of them. 7 1/4 blade for the saw. Great updated battery tools.

  41. tried to leave a comment on tube, but it gave some BS about Google plus not supporting your site. FYI

    cool Ridgid tool set though. Keep up the great reviews. You guys crack me up. Larry, Moe, and …wait where’s Curly? : )

  42. These look much better than previous Ridgid cordless tools, will be interested to see how their new motors compare to brushless. The Circular Saw looks very well made; would like to see how well irt works.

  43. Hats off to RIDGID, blows the system that I have away. Leave it up to them to bring such innovation for the non professional. Sweet I have been waiting for them to bring updated system to homeowner. I love your shows. You guys are just great at reviewing a product with a little humor and clumsiness just like you average reader. Thanks can’t wait for you next product.

  44. I’m a huge fan of Rigid tools, especially their warranty on the whole system, including the batteries. This set would be a great addition to my tool collection that I use in my work building custom control systems for entertainment, food processing and transportation industries.

  45. Great looking tool set. As you said Ridgid has come a long way. Features look great. I love that the circular saw is 7 1/4″. I didn’t know the battery tool could have that much power. I absolutely love my Ridgid table saw. This kit would be a perfect compliment to it.

  46. Rigid power tools are a good choice for anyone looking for a good power tool with the best warranty I’ve seen. I use the 18v drill and driver everyday at work couldn’t be happier with them. Just wish I had a set for myself.

  47. I like the fact that it is 4ah it means I would spend less time charging. The LED lights on both the drill and the impact driver would be helpful. This is a tool set I could definitely use.

  48. Seems to be a very nice attempt by Rigid to get into the DeWalt and Bosch market for quality larger volt cordless tools. (Have to admit I am with you guys the LED lights on the drill look really cool!)

  49. I am a plumber andI love all my x4 tools, I use them every day and have convinced about 4 people I work with to go out and buy their own x4 kits, I can’t wait for x5 to come out! If I don’t win this set I will be at the store the day they come out lol

  50. Thanks for taking the time to do these reviews, one quick question I really really am liking the impact driver in this kit. Do you know if they will be offering that impact driver for sale by itself, or in a perhaps smaller kit size say impact driver and hammer drill. Thanks again for your time and great reviews. Oh yes do you know what time frame home depot will be starting to sell these in store, I checked ridgid website but appears they are not promoting this line as of yet itleast not that I could find. Only the 5 piece set online at home depot. Thanks again. Mike S.

  51. I love the X4 stuff my boss has the full line up and has been using rigid for years. I am 23 and so pumped that these came out as I was ready to buy my own tools really pumped about that saw considering what we do about half the time is fix stuff framers mess up.

  52. I have been a carpenter for 30 years and have owned my share of cordless tools from Bosh Milwaukee Makita Dawalt ect. The Ridgid x5 are by far the best cordless tools I have ever used. Just go buy the set. Well worth the price.

  53. Now that this combo has been out for a while is it worth the money compared to the greatly lowered x4 version. I’ve used Dewalt (nicad version) and now I use Milwaukee M18 at work, but I’m thinking about this as my home use set. Any ideas? As always TIA keep up the good work.

  54. What more can one say..Its a no brainer duhh..Finaly a company with great products geared to a normal budget..Warrenty is impecable and so are their products..No..i dont work for Ridgid..Ridgid tools do my work for me!! NOW IF THEY COULD ONLY BRING OUT A MINI ROBOT TO GRAB MY BEER ?


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