Festool 563007 Vecturo OS 400 EQ Set – The Mercedes of Multi Tools


Festool may be unheard of to the average DIY type, but to the professional it is the crème de la crème of tools.  The moment you use your first Festool you will understand why they are so revered. The Vecturo has some features that Festool owners expect like a detachable cord, ergonomic handle and precise operation.  The tool has a 400 watt motor that produces up to 18,500 oscillations per minute with a 4 degree angle.   It uses a pin and latch system to hold the accessory, similar to the FEIN Multi Master.

The highlight of this kit is the included accessories, notably the plunge base.  The plunge base easily attaches and lines up with the angle you have on the blade.  It then stabilizes the tool so you can make one of the most accurate plunge cuts you have ever seen from a multi tool.  The plunge bas has a magnet that keeps the blade steady and eliminates it from wandering providing a clean perfect cut.  This attachment gives you more control than any other multi tool on the market.

The tool comes in a Systainer case with a few blades and accessories.  You can also just get the tool with no accessories.   Overall this tool produces perfect results and those who know Festool wouldn’t expect any less.

Check out the Festool OS 400 on Amazon.


  1. I have been jonesing for the Fein Multimaster, but that plunge base with the magnetic blade stabilization is muy bueno….

  2. Wow! Who wouldn’t want a FesTool anything. You guys made an excelent point. This brand is for wood professionals & not for occasional wood projects. I do a lot of wood projects, but can afford this brand. For those that do, great, I’ll continue to drool over them on my DeWalt, Milwaukee, Ridgid, Bosch, & a few others to help me thru. But, man, I sure would like to get my hands on any one of them. The plunge feature on this one is way freaking bad. Laters TIA

  3. I have a Fein , and a Milwaukee cordless rendition , This tool is a fine looking unit , if they get their blade act right .


  4. Not like the Festool Multimaster – this is the Fein SuperCut in Festool Colors (they licensed it from Fein) with a few Festool invented add ons. The blades on the Supercut / Vecturo is different and incompatible with the Multimaster blades.


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