Dewalt 36 in. Metal Rolling and Top Storage Chest


Ever since I saw the Dewalt 36 in. Metal Rolling and Top Storage Chest at Home Depot I have wanted it.  So the past few weeks it has been on sale for a ridiculously low price.   I just had to have it.  So we went searching and because of the low price it was hard to find.  I finally found it after a 2 hour round trip drive.

A-part from being yellow and saying DeWALT all over it the chest is really a nice quality.  The draws are on ball bearing slides and every drawer comes with a foam liner.  The bottom drawer is a foot deep but only opens halfway.  I think they do this for safety reasons. The top of the box opens to give you access to all your drills and has a nice table shelf with holes for your cables to exit though back.  Great for chargers or laptops.  The box holds up to 2000 pounds.

  • Top chest heavy duty drawer slides with auto-return can support up to 100 lbs. capacity
  • Top chest 10 3/8 in. deep top lid provides enough storage space to stand up DEWALT Slide pack drills
  • Top chest 18 in. depth body provides increased storage capacity and enough storage capacity to store larger tools
  • Top chest equipped gas lid stays keep the top lid securely opened when needed
  • Bottom chest heavy duty drawer slides provide 100 lbs. capacity on the top 4-drawers and 200 lbs. capacity bottom drawer
  • Bottom chest equipped with 5 in. x 2 in. casters heavy duty casters with reinforced mounting channels support up to 1400 lbs.
  • Bottom chest 18 in. depth body provides increased storage capacity and enough storage capacity to store larger tools
  • Bottom chest developed from heavy duty reinforced steel to help prevents drawer flex and provides jobsite durability

Check it out over at Home Depot.


  1. Yeah they had that at Home Depot and I wanted to get it but I just don’t have the room. It was 500 bucks at black friday. I want that box though.

  2. As a fanboy I think it’s a must have to put all your kit in..but whatever you do don’t be sticking anything other than Dewalt gear in there! Just think how good It would look all That black & yellow next to each know it makes sense!

  3. I just order these boxes on line from a store a few towns over. I’ll pick them up tomorrow. As sarcastic as it sounds “Thanks Dan!”

  4. A few Home Depot stores in the Metro Detroit has them in stock. I don’t know if there are many members of the TIA crew in the area though. Just figured I would give a heads up.

    • i went to the store in Southfield(not my closest store so i didn’t know the layout at all) i was looking at the box and one of the employees was basically trying to tell me that its not as good as the husky but i wouldn’t have bought it anyway because of the no handle thing.

  5. Dan you are the ultimate fanboy. If I only had the cash to get this nice tool chest I would have jumped at it several months ago. I was in love back then & still am. Just having the name plate on the chest is awesome. It’s like plastering your favorite team on your chest with a sweater. Don’t let the haters get to you, like what you like. Where did you get those cases for your iPhone? Do they make them for the 6 Plus? I can’t get enough of the yellow & black brand. Laters TIA

  6. Found a top chest today in the Chicago burbs. It was a floor model, so I got an extra 10% off in addition to the discounted price. I had HD check their internal inventory system for other stores as well… No bottoms to be found. 🙁 If anyone finds one, let me know.

    My 10 year old said it best when he saw it: “Duuude!”

  7. Looks very Nice! I have the husky version and very pleased with it. I am currently a student studying construction management. I love working on my cars and toys but cannot afford a several thousand dollar box. These boxes are more than I will ever need and will last my lifetime.


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