DEWALT DPG82-11C Anti-Fog Safety Goggles – Great Gift


Losing a few fingers is no biggie, but losing an eye or 2 can slow you down.  Here it Tools In Action safety is paramount. Any eye protection is better than no eye protection but these goggles from DeWALT are the cats meow.  They are ventilated and won’t fog up.   They have an optional tinted shield that works great when using a plasma cutter. Check them out for under $12 at Amazon.


  1. I picked up a pair of these a while ago and, while they’re nice, they are hardly fog-free. Working in my attic (summer / early fall, so it was quite warm), these would fog up so badly that I’d need to take them off and mop the moisture off of the inside lens every 5 minutes. Eventually I gave up and bought a full face mask respirator – no fog even when it was 110 up there.

  2. kdv–The ultimate is a full face mask with supplied air (a small motorized accessory you wear on your hip, which runs on rechargeable batteries). It has a hose which brings a stream of cool air into the mask and across your face. I assume this is the type you’re referring to. I had one when I worked in Denver for the Feds; once you used one, no one could take it away from you.


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