Fein MultiMaster FMM 250Q Starter Kit – Das Original!


Those crazy Germans sure can engineer some precision tools!  If you’re like me you stay up late all night and watch infomercials.  Years ago I remember drooling at the Fein Multi-Master, a tool that could do it all!  I would get so excited until they announced the price, it was astronomical. Still it was a quality tool and they had the patent until it expired in October 2008.  Now almost everyone has a multi tool even Harbor Freight!

They all seem to have a proprietary accessory system, some require tools some don’t, some are interchangeable and some are not.  Well if there is one thing I can tell you about the FEIN Multi Master is that it is one of the best if not the best Multi Tool on the market. Why shouldn’t it be, they invented it.  In-fact they invented their first tool back in 1895!  At $199 the price has finally become in reach of most DIY types.  The starter kit comes with a nylon bag, a scraper blade , Universal blade and a triangular sanding disk with 5 sheets of varying grits.  You can get more accessories with other tools for less money.


The accessories can be changed by lifting up on the top lever and pulling the pin that holds on the accessory.  It is relatively easy to change and allows for multiple angles.  The tool was balanced well and was comfortable to hold for extend periods.  Not a lot of vibration was transferred to my hands but the tool seemed wider than most Multi Tools I have used.  The variable speed selector produces 11,000-20,000 oscillations per minute.  The thumb wheel was a bit to small and hard to rotate for my liking and the speed indicators were small and hard to read.

We used the MultiMaster to flush cut subfloor under our cabinets and flush cut nail heads.  One mistake I always make with Multi tools is use them for bigger jobs than they are intended for.  I always go through blades like crazy.  Multi tools are for small odd jobs that any other saw would have no business even trying to do.  Overall the Fein MultiMaster is a good quality tool now at a reasonable price.


  1. Dear Tools in Action-team,

    thanks so much for your enthusiastic review of our MultiMaster. But there’s a small error that slipped into your article:
    “Why shouldn’t it be they invented it in fact they invented their first tool back in 1867!”
    In fact, our company was founded back in 1867, that’s right. But the first electric hand drill, the first tool to leave our factory and the first power tool made by FEIN was invented by us in 1895.
    You can learn all about the history of FEIN on our website: http://www.feinus.com/en_us/fein/about-fein/experience-fein/#/1867/Company-founding

    Hope to read more from you in the future!
    Best regards,
    Sven at FEIN HQ (Bargau, Germany)


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