DeWALT DCS310S1 12V Max Cordless Lithium-Ion Reciprocating Saw Kit – Review


2 years ago the 12V Max line was all the rage of the tool world.  Still today it is a fresh design away from the standard pistol grip style battery packs.  The balance and ergonomics in my opinion are the best in the business.  Throughout 2011 not a single new 12V Max tool was released, but I have come to learn that good things come to those who wait.  For 2101 so far they have released this saw and a Thermal Imager which we hope to review asap.

The first thing that I thought when I saw this tool was it resembles the Porter Cable clamp saw PCL120CRC-2  design, although I have not seen the PC up close.  The DCS310 feels solid and weighs in at 3.1lbs. The kit comes with one battery, a 30 min charger, the tool, a bag and both a wood and metal cutting blade.  Of course we always like to see 2 batteries but that brings up the cost.  Currently it is $149 at Amazon it is also available in kits with other tools.  DeWALT covers this tool with the standard 3 year warranty.  We still have no 12V battery status gauges, but are hopeful to maybe see that this year.


The tool is best when controlled with 2 hands, one on the pistol grip and on one at the head of the tool to provide pressure.  The shoe pivots, but is not adjustable.  The saw accepts standard reciprocating saw blades in a right side up or upside down configuration. The entire blade assemble is encased which offers added protection. There is a handle on the right side of the head that allows you to change blades.  Rubber over molded padding covers half of the head for a solid grip.

The comfortable pistol grip trigger provides a variable speed of 0-2700 and has 9/16″ stroke length.  The trigger also activates an instant on LED light to illuminate your work. You can disable the trigger for transit via the trigger lock.  Even with the battery installed most of the tools weight is in the head.  This actually aids in keeping the saw planted on your work which helps eliminate chattering.  The 3 pivot handle helps you get into those tight areas and gives you extra control that most other 12v saws do not have. It is easily unlocked via a thumb slide switch.  The DCS310S1 is a great addition to the 12V Max line, it is compact and easy to carry around for those little jobs when a big reciprocating saw is to much!



    • The run time is good, I find myself grabbing this saw constantly for small jobs. It is great just to have around!

  1. Just got it today ! Gone use it tomorrow, i love the grip ! I hope that they are gone keep the grip if they do a oscilating tool, that would be nice !


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